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COM - Crying Wolf (COMIC)

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did guilda and rainbow have a kid or did Twilight use the spell Rainbow mention at the end of NOT EASY BEING BREEZIES  to be transformed into a griffin?
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Gilda and Dash had a kid!
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gilda and rainbow had a child
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'Xactly ^^
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Do those folles have powers ?
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Quartz Horn has magic, Rainbow Feather too *if* she has a wand to channel it, while Nightsong just has wings and flight.
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Rainbow-Feather, the griffon, How did she get her power ?

Quartz, She's 1/2 unicorn, 1/2 
crystal-pony !?

Nightsong is jest a bat-pony
/Thestral !?

p.s. Want 2 R.P. !?…
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My headcanon is that non-unicorns having casting-magic isn't unheard of, just rare, and they always need something to channel it. Rainbow Dash and Gilda each have a *ton* of pegasus-flight magic and griffon-flight magic respective, and in Rainbow Feather it manifested in a way that some of it is usable as casting-magic. A bit of hybrid wonkiness may be partially responsible, but in my version of things there are griffon and pegasus mages anyway, if pretty rare.

Quartz Horn is simply a Crystal Unicorn. Not as common as earth-pony crystal ponies, but still a thing that exists in the Crystal Empire.

Nightsong is a normal bat pony.

I don't really RP, but Rainbow Feather answers questions and such in-character at rainbowfeatherreplies.tumblr.c…
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Her being a crystal pony, does that change some-thing with her magic ?
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Nope, totally standard magic.  She does have a magic related cutie-mark, so she's pretty skilled for her age, but nothing to do with her crystal-ness.
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How does she channel it ? What spells can she do ? How did those 2 female have a child 2 gather ?

Her being a crystal pony, does that change some-thing with her magic ?

Oh.. ok.

I can't.  What do that think of New-MoonRacer ?…
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-How does she channel it?-

For that, first she needs something to conduct the magic (her wand), and then it's simply a matter of sending the magic through (any pony can move their magic around some- pegasus send it down their hooves when cloud kicking, for example), then practicing with it enough to get the precision to do spells.

-What spells can she do?-

At the moment, she can do light, fire, and cloudwalking (to use on her non-pegasus friends, so they can get on clouds). Which isn't bad for a kid.

-How did those 2 female have a child 2 gather?-

Though the aid of an old magic potion made for the purpose.

-I can't.-

It is possible to do asks even without an account.

- What do that think of New-MoonRacer ? -

Looks like you put some effort into it! Lotta characters there.
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1) how/where did she get the wand ?

2) Fire & Light ? Why those 2 ?

3) Can she get a C.M. ?

4) can you give me the link back ?

5) But what do your O.C.s think of this place ?
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1) She was given it as a gift by her parents, after Twilight did a test that said she could (she really fangirls on Twilight ^^).

2) They happen to be her affinities, rainbows and all that. Oh yea, unlike unicorns, she's pretty much unable to lift objects with magic, so *only* those spells and not any other common magic usage.

3) Already has one!

5) If they met the characters, they'd probably get along with them.
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Favorite part, is the second panel image of that amazed/shocked little bat pony.  I'd love to see her like that in many different backgrounds! :D (Big Grin) 
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Yes, AniRichie really made Nightsong cute!
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This was defiantly interesting, the Griphon kind of stands out though and I'm trying to figure out what just happened, but still very cute.
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That timberwolf picked a bad day to hunt in Ponyville... :XD:
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I don't know what the hell's going on in this talent show, but it sure is cute. Laughing 
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