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COM - Band Of Bros (COMIC)

Commission to: N. Tran

The hardest thing about this damn comic was coming up with the damn title. @.@




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Those girls will be perpetually single.

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I’ve always disliked the whole ’wingboner’ thing, it’’s pretty obvious that wing flaring is just a sign of raised emotion and or surprise there’s nothing to indicate it’s primarily sexual
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Not to be THAT guy, but what makes you sure being aroused doesn't count as an emotional or surprised?
Wink Wink Wink and Dimples Flowey Wink Wander Emote - WINK Wink 2 Mr Clean is done cleaning ur ass 
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in mlp every a pegasus or alicorn do the wing opening were is not for flying , the pony be surprice or be only do show off! but never do for sex meaning! the wing are not do like mlp friendship is violence! this stupid! sure the wing move sometime follow the the way of the emotion! like fluttershy be super happy! or twilight be far over reacted(like the episode she hit her self to top of the room and fall to the floor!)
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.... Fair point, again, I wasn't trying to be THAT kinda guy, just thought I bring up that rosueal can count as happiness or surprise as well.
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What the... So, it was just the mares' fantasies. We bros don't exactly work that way. We often fight for it.
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Final Fantasy XV? Britney Spears - Pretty Girls Interested 
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Ooh, Shining Armor is in love with Big Mac and Zephyr with Sunburst!
Who ships them together?!
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my thoughts: Wow look what those hugs are doing, I hope I can join them

me: YOU CANT CATCH ME GAY THOUGHTS (running and thoughts are following)
I'm pretty sure a lot of people that played FFXV thought this at some point.
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I'm not interested in clopping thank you very much
Please tell me at least that you all at least are playing each others' bros, not your own. That would make it slightly less sketchy.
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omg  twilight ROFLLa la la la 
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Honestly, I do not know whether or not to say I can judge...
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safety is number one priority and boom i give this comic a thumbs from me
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Lol ,this is awesome and funny xDDD 
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I don't think any logistics company would take that shipping... :XD:
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Hey, this was all just Oubliettes and Ogres, and it was all just fantasies played out by their sisters (or in Sunburst's case, friend)!!!
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I couldn't stop laughing. Spike's face totally makes it XD
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Friggin' Yaoitards... :D (Big Grin) 
Hey, I keep running into yuritards, so I would say this is a nice change of pace.
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Guilty as charged. Everyone is free to pick his/her "venom"...;) (Wink) 
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If you squint real closely, the map on the table is actually the map of the world of Final Fantasy XV.
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