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COM - An Apple Blossoms (COMIC)

Commission to: N. Tran

Something positive for everyone. I'm happy with this comic and I thought I might give the Orchard Blossom plot a little spin on things.
I also wanted to fight gender stereotypes. 

Wear what you want, do the little things to make you feel beautiful and WORK IT! <3



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As a person who is learning to be a farmer, even though I like doing some of the hard works, I still watch MLP, because it's though there's not too much manliness in it, it's good to watch something innocent that can make your stress go away. Even though I always thinked about Big Mac someone I would work with (since most people in my school hate to work together), he kinda enjoyed being a big sister too in Brotherhooves Social. I like the message here and I appricate it even though, Hasbro won't even mention something as beautiful message as this.
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This is wonderful and appropriate since June is LGBT pride month   Scribbler just did a dub of this comic on YouTube, which is how I found it.  While I don't consider Big Mac trans personally, it is clear he is getting in touch with his inner feminine side through drag.  Rarity's generosity shines through here with her empathy and sympathetic reassurance.  It reminds me of a "Peek Behind the Boutique"  segment I saw today from Hasbro on handling criticism where Rarity affirms that so long as you feel you're doing your best and feeling beautiful, it doesn't matters what anypony else thinks.   I agree with shvique, cousin Orchard Blossom should make another appearance, or reference in the comics.   
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Oh really? Wish they told me.

Link me please? :o
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And then N. Tran's commission was RETCONNED! :nuu:

The shipping that is...!
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No question about it:  "Cousin Orchard Blossom" has DEFINITELY got to make at least one return-appearance on the show!  I for one would LOVE to see "her" get invited to the Grand Galloping Gala!  Can you imagine?  Needless to say, I think Princess Celestia would also be hugely supportive of "her", as is Rarity in this excellent cartoon.
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The message here is just beautiful... Excellent comic. ^^
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Hey, you're welcome! Nice to meet you, by the way. :aww:
I think Big Mac just categorically has trouble admitting to wanting anything more than to do farm work.
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Yes, it is unfair that only they can wear skirts while one is trapped in tight and uncomfortable pants.

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Aww! That's sweet! :)
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Honestly... There's no shame in him x3
(8}.... *snicker*... I'm so sorry. It was good....
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I remember when Bugs Bunny would dresses for a skit,but no one batted an eye,then there was Drew Carry's "brother" was a CD,and as far as I could tell no one minded,so why is it so hard to do it for other shows?
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Aw, that's so sweet!
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What a wonderful comic!  What a sweet way to defy gender stereotypes!  It made me get a little bit watery-eyed! Twilight Sparkle (happy cry) plz 
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You're welcome! :D
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I don't get it?
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Big Mac wanted Rarity to repair his Orchard Blossom dress, which he had a hard time admitting that he enjoyed wearing. As a guy who likes wearing dresses, I approve of the message of this comic :)
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Orchard Blossom?
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