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ATG 2016: Boundaries (#27)

Artist Training Grounds 2016 is here and I'm excited!
(To be honest, ATG get more consistent and better work from me. Pfft.)

Day #27: drawing a pony doing science/drawing a pony pushing boundaries…

Pushing boundaries indeed!

(She beat him up after this scene! So all is good!)

I threw up a little drawing this guy. I hate him so much. MAN. BUN. Ewwwwww!

A good exercise drawing expressions. This was real fun to do. Fuck Zephyr! MAN. BUN!



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He is sooo ew!
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Guys like this turn me off.... ick. 

I cringe internally if I ever run into another one. X.x
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Is there anyone guys like that *don't* turn off? ^^
I love the face dash is making here.
This comic reminds me of the face Death the Kid and Soul make whenever someone mentions Excalibur around them. Comedy gold.
Wanna go out back n see why they call me 'wind breaker'? Batter up. >8).....
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This episode showed so much nope
LadyAniDraws's avatar
Great episode but with him, just no. 
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Lol, that was funny. He messed with the wrong Mare.
Demolition-Kitty's avatar
you mean the right mare, she has it coming
newflutterpie's avatar
Nobody deserves to be harassed.
tophxomi's avatar
Are you saying she deserves to be sexually harassed? Because nobody has that coming.
Demolition-Kitty's avatar
where are you getting sexually harassed?
tophxomi's avatar
Breeze's behavior.
Demolition-Kitty's avatar
yeah, but its not like she hasn't done worse
tophxomi's avatar
Two wrongs don't make a right.
Demolition-Kitty's avatar
no, but two bad people hurting each other means they can't hurt good people
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Dashie feels the cringe, as did I! X'D 
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So... you hate him only because of his bun? :rofl:
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