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Red Carpet Cinderella

Here you are my first piece of my "Red Carpet" Collection.
I've immaginated each disney girl like an actress, with her own movie.
I put the locandines on the background and I have done each heroine in a prom modern gown, who stand up on the red carpet of a movie festival for the photograps.
And this is Cinderella, with a gown inspired by a Marilyn Monroe's one (also the hairdo).
Tell me what do you think about.

Aurora [link]
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Is there one for Elsa too?
Myrelaion's avatar
I really love both of them!Love Clap 

Could you maybe do Belle?Nod 

Please?. Please :) (Smile) 
LadyAmber's avatar
Belle is actually the next one :D
Myrelaion's avatar
Oh YAY!!!!:ohsnap: 

That's awesome!!!Dance Party 

Can't wait!, Good Luck!!!!Good Luck 
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It's beautiful
gothicevans's avatar
So cute *.* I loved her dress!
Willemijn1991's avatar
I love this so much!!!
mandymcgee's avatar
Oh my gosh how cutttte!! I am a huge Marilyn Monroe fan and a huge Disney princess fan so this is incredibly cool to see. I can't wait to see what you do with ARIEL!! Give her a classic Hollywood twist like you did with Cinderella and I will be in love. Haha. :heart:
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That is so nice. She looks great. I thought that dress looked familiar.
Littlefluffyduckling's avatar
I liked how you curled Cindy's hair... It looks so pretty!!!


If you want to see something wacky look at this neat stuff [link]
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BEAUTIFUL! When are you going to do Belle, Pocahontas, Snow White and the rest of the Disney princesses?
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I am loving that dress!
thenanastarr's avatar
wow, very nice, could you make a belle one too?
Neosun7's avatar
Cindy looks great! Strutting her stuff on the red carpet! Beautiful dress choice!
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This is beautiful. I never realized how much she looks like Katheryn Heigl! And I adore the dress. Keep up the great work!
Lalinha-Sperandei's avatar
Wow! I loved it! Besides being in love with Marilyn, I really like Cinderella and I'm anxious to see the other drawings of "Red Carpet" Collection! :D
CharacterTamerSteph's avatar
Nice! I like the idea of Cinderella going red carpet.
Tella-in-SA's avatar
Wonderful idea! I cannot wait to delve into the rest of your red carpet collection. :D
intrepidMUSE's avatar
HI There! I'm the owner of Disney Heroines. You recently submitted an image of Cinderella into the 100 Theme Challenge folder and I need to know which "theme" she is representing :D
rebelnijamaster's avatar
I must say, what you are doing sounds like a fun idea and the picture looks great! :)
cullenwaylandblack's avatar
i love these collections you do. they're fantastic. :)
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