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Mulan deluxe gown

I searched a lot of chinese silk patterns and decorations (like dragons) to do Mulan's dress and fan. But the hair decorations with pearls make me going crazy!!!! I changed also the make-up, chosing more intens colors for the eyes and for the lips too.

Rapunzel [link]
Snow White [link]
Cinderella [link]
Aurora [link]
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Belle [link]
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Giselle [link]
Pocahontas [link]
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Kida [link]
Megara [link]
Tiana [link]
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This is just so cool and badass

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Cool! looks very oriental.
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I love this. Mulan doesn't get a lot of love in my opinion so it's great to see her like this. 
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Oh my goodness, it's fancy but- it matches her! As in... If she wore anything fancy, it would probably be something like this. I mean, the sort of fierce colors and the shoulders and sleeves... 
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Favorite princess!!!!!!!
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i love teh background!
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no . . . words . . . can . . . explain . . . 
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It's beautiful!! I don't really have any other words!
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I really love the dress! It's beautiful! It really suits her!
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She is so elegant!!
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I really like Mulan's dress! Very oriental. :D
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She looks awesome!
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Very lovely, I like the dragon printed on it..

Yet, from what I read, the commoners weren't allowed to wear yellow, it was a color that was strictly for royals until modern times.. the commoners would be killed if caught wearing this color.. O.o

Unfortunately, I can't find info that tells what year they were allowed to start wearing this color.. I was interested in the colors of china clothing so that I could keep my Mulan costume dresses accurate to her timeline. Unfortunately, I'm not coming up with any helpful info.. lol..
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i like the look on mulan's face. you don't overdo on the make-up. good job!!! but i don't think that you should have use dragons. phoenix would have been a better choice, as that is how the chinese describe successful girls
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I think she gets lost in the 'set' you chose for her and it blends a little too well, but Mulan looks awesome in this. You did a great job with her look.
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Nicely done! I like the colours and the style, well done!
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wow great job i love it jaja
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