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Kida deluxe gown

It was very hard to find some materials on Kida, because she isn't an official princess (even if the king of Atlantis says to Milo exatly:"Save Atlantis, save the princess.."). And what about the dress? How should be an Atlantidean royal gown? Obviosly I was not able to wear Kida like Aurora or Belle... It doesen't works! So I choosed a dress that is royal and not much traditional (like others official princess) at the same time. And at the end I decorated the tiara and the earring (that she wear also in the original movie) with the Atlantis' crystals.

Rapunzel [link]
Snow White [link]
Cinderella [link]
Aurora [link]
Ariel [link]
Belle [link]
Jasmine [link]
Esmeralda [link]
Giselle [link]
Pocahontas [link]
Jane [link]
Megara [link]
Mulan [link]
Tiana [link]
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She's so pretty.
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I love it, the texture is AMAZING! You did wonderful on her!
acrazyninjapirate's avatar
I love the dress- the textures are fabulous!!
alana-light's avatar
I like the texture effect you have going for the dress
Blue-Demon-Hybrid's avatar
Lovely. That dress fits very well.
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Her dress kinda resembles atlantis. Very creative.
SheWolfofMN's avatar
I LOVE THAT DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1sunnyshadow's avatar
I absolutely LOVE Kida, she is one of my all-time fav Disney Princesses. Also, tho I know she's not from Disney, have u ever considered making one of Anastasia? :)
LadyAmber's avatar
yes, I've also thought to make also not-disney princess, like odette, Thumbelina and Anastasia... Maybe in the future :)
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wait you moved the crystal from the neck 2 the crown, sooo cool i luvvvv kida!!!!!! and she should be a offfical disney princess and sometime in october Rapunzel will be an offical disney princess.
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Another good inspiration would be to look at the opening of the movie and study the gown Kida's mother is wearing, and the gown Kida wears at the end, that gives a lot of idea on how a deluxe Atlantean gown might look like. You were still able to pull it off nicely.
Frills-Of-Justice's avatar
I love Kida, Everyone always forgets her and other people like Megara, Jane and Esmeralda. I am so thankful that you drew these wonderful pictures!
ValmontSlave's avatar
I know that they cheated Kida out of the line. I have nightmares of me interviewing Cree Summer (Her voice actress) getting mad on air on the radio.

There were moments in Atlantis that were hints that they (Milo and Kida) liked each other more than an explorer\field guide relationship. Doesn't holding hands count anymore? Or catching someone while they're descending count? And don't people feel shy anymore when swimming with someone who has more physical experience swimming?

Still, I gotta face the ugly truth: People in marketing are either chauvinistic male pigs or hypermasculine women.
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I hope to have given her revenge to Kida on the official and perfect princesses.
ValmontSlave's avatar
Vengeance is ours!

You made her a dress that even I would have asked for my dolls. I like both her original Queen dress and the dress you drew. But still, I'm amazed that you, out of many people, have drawn something worthy of her.
LilCoroner's avatar
I would wear that!
I like the fact that it's so original =)
so so so so so very pretty
GossamerWing's avatar
Wonderfully done:DIt's so hard to picture what an Atlantian royal gown would look like, and you've executed the endeavor with Kida here quite nicely:D Love the colors and composition:D
Your drawing is superb! You truly have talent and it is amazing!
CaribbeanRose9's avatar
Wonderful, wonderful job! :clap: Kida was definitely cheated out of her place among the Disney Princesses, but she'll always be in my heart as the first UNofficial Black...or at least "colored" Disney princess. :thanks:
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Kida looks amazing in her new gown nice job
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
beatifully work on Kida here
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