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Jane deluxe gown

Also Jane's material is hard to find, and I had to do a snapshot of my "Tarzan" DVD to find some colors to base me in. Jane's gown is in a victorian style, with a lot of laces. She's the only princess I drawn with a hat, but I think it siuts her well. During the original movie Jane has nearly always an untidy look, and the hair are loose or not perfectly uncombed. But it's changing time, so I choosed for Jane a sophisticated haistyle with a big braid.

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Aww she looks so sweet!!
Blue-Demon-Hybrid's avatar
Very lovely. I love the hat and color of the dress.
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Thanks for all your kind comments on my deviations! :D
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Pink looks really good on Jane. Don't you agree?
MKrone's avatar
♥ Very hot, sexy and gorgiuos or how that means. Please more of her in that one. Keep working. ♥
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A Victorian gown is of course THE choice for a deluxe gown for Jane, as she's from that era, great work on the ribbons and hat.
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OK, I do not like the movie Tarzan so I do not know much about Jane, but I love the Victorian and regency styles and her outfit is really amazing. I totally want this
Frills-Of-Justice's avatar
gorgeous, I love the colour!
JacobMainland's avatar
Very good work, she looks great :love:
Not much people draw her without yellow clothes :winner:
Frele-ania's avatar
Jane rocks that hat.
The dress is more simple (doesn't seem as complex as the other ones), but it's still nice.
GossamerWing's avatar
Victorian gowns are always lovely, and this one is no exception:D Jane looks splendid:D
NICE!!! i love this...!!!
AlexKingOfTheDamned's avatar
i took a look at the entire collection and i can safely say this one is my favorite :]
the color is just gorgeous on her, and the background it so delicate, her eyes are stunning, it's an all around brilliant piece of work!!
bonna-monster's avatar
I love that you can see similarities to her original yellow dress, and yet it's much more elegant and frilly.
Kura2376's avatar
lol, i had a barbie with this dress on! one of my fav old dolls
LadyAmber's avatar
the collection barbie are so beautiful...
Kura2376's avatar
yeah! I love the ABJDs too, they are very lovely.

I've seen people repaint the barbies, so beautiful!
FaPingMulan's avatar
Jane looks so pretty with her hair up like that and in her new dress instead of the yellow one she always wears nice job
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
lovey work on Jane here
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