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Giselle deluxe gown

Giselle gown was the most difficult to draw and color, because I didn't want to use any patterns, but I wanted to try a more detailed lineart model. In fact Giselle has an ethereal essence, and too much patterns would have been able to get heavy her style. She wears a tea-party dress.
About the hair, I leave have practically left the style similar to the original version,because, treating herself of a new princess, still a little known and represented, there could be the risk not to recognize her.

Rapunzel [link]
Snow White [link]
Cinderella [link]
Aurora [link]
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Pocahontas [link]
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Kida [link]
Megara [link]
Mulan [link]
Tiana [link]
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Wowey she's beautiful! I love Gissy, she's amazing and so nice, I love her!
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She's beautiful.
jarleynygmobblepot's avatar
Matches her eyes perfectly.
EllisArts's avatar
You know what. When I first saw your lineup pic I thought this was an adult version of sophia from the disney jr. cartoon. I am surpised how much they look alike x.x
acrazyninjapirate's avatar
I want one!! I love the color and the style and just wow!!
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Her dress really matches her eyes!*u*
veronarmon's avatar
That is a lovely dress
jmintz's avatar
Oh this is probably my favorite.... so far.
Babe45's avatar
so beautiful...
Disneylyric's avatar
Nice gown on her! Blue's a good color for her.
LoveeeSerahFarron's avatar
Great job! Giselle looks awesome :)
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mariowariohamsta1's avatar
:D love this!!!i dont eve know who she is...well i know her name now
LadyAmber's avatar
It's Giselle from Enchated, a 2007 cristhmas movie by Disney :)
gurlie1275's avatar
this is wayyyy better than the original
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So pretty! You hardly see princesses wearing blue in Disney movies...
Nala162024's avatar
Wow, very beautiful.

I want that
SaM-cHeWy's avatar
Hey, isn't that background from the Princess and the Pauper Barbie computer game? It's lovely, by the way.
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