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Esmeralda deluxe gown

For Esmeralda I was inspired by a carnival custom of gypsy with numerous tinkling pendants and jewels, that it was red in origin, but that I have preferred in the blue version. I have also added a decorated cymbal, that rarely (however there is) uses in the film. I have maintained the open navel to leave her fascinating character intact. And to give a mysterious touch I have not made to miss the veils on the cymbal and on the head, stopped by a diadem.
The background is a snapshot of the original movie DVD were Esmeralda starring in, "The Hunkback of Notre Dame".

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She’s beautiful .
Cartoonlover96's avatar
She looks beautiful. :D (Big Grin) 

Love the design. Heart 
InspectorGadgetGirl's avatar
Wow that's pretty! And I also think that a certain Captain would LOVE to see her in that dress! :D
acrazyninjapirate's avatar
This outfit is so perfect for her!!!
artboy-2's avatar
The ultimate gypsy performer girl.
Little-Snowbird's avatar
This is a beautiful look for Esmeralda.
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Blue-Demon-Hybrid's avatar
Incredibly beautiful. And I think this one is actually better than the film's.
RikkiArosa's avatar
Its the ultimate, beautiful gypsy outfit! :D
LadyAmber's avatar
Thanks for all your kind coments on my works! <3
RikkiArosa's avatar
You're very welcome ^_^
jmintz's avatar
Wow. I really feel like.... THIS THING ROCKS!
LiberLibelula's avatar
Oooh this is one of my favourites from your collection, it´s beautiful!
Jade-Max's avatar
I like this one too... Esmerelda still seems to be her; though I admit to missing her other costume; this one makes her look a little more... er... respectable?
1sunnyshadow's avatar
her eyes r SO pretty :3
Jack1709's avatar
wowowowowowowowow a beautiful and sexy gypsy wow cool
MKrone's avatar
♥WOW! She looks very hot, sexy and delicious in that dress, ya know. Awesome work. Please more of her in that or dresses like this. Keep up your work.♥
Freddy1016's avatar
this is beautiful. <3
flaky23's avatar
i love that dress
MarissaSunshine's avatar
And still maintaining that gypsy quality in the deluxe gown. Esme is my favorite, and I've love what you've done for her outfit.
rosepetal179's avatar
that is so lovely!!!! esmeralda looks gorgeous in that dress!
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