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I think I need some help
But I don't know where to turn
Because every time that I reach out
I end up getting burned
My thoughts yearn for something
And I have to clench my fists
But no matter how hard I fight it
I still stare at my wrists
A cancerous cyst on my mind
I wish someone could remove
"Deal with it," they said,
As though I just had to prove
That who've I've been all my life
Could somehow just turn off
In spite of everything I've wanted
"Just pray" I heard them scoff
As they coiffed their clothes and hair
Without seeing any of me
Without realizing what I wanted to do
That I just wanted to be free
From the fees of life
That weighed me down
To the point I now welcome
The thought I might just drown
They frowned at me and walked away
"You don't really want help" they said
I stared as they turned their backs
Crying with a blade to sneak into my bed
And in my head I see every scar
I don't even have to look
The lines are a permanent reminder
Of all the advantage they took
I thought I'
:iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 6 0
I'm too fat to be skinny
Too skinny to be fat
If I take care of a dog, I'm lame
But I must be crazy if I have a cat
I'm too girly to play video games
Not woman enough to dress right
Too strong for someone my size
Too weak for a fight
I'm too smart to be normal
But too stupid to be the best
I learn too fast for most people
Not fast enough for the rest
No matter how hard I try
These labels never stick
I don't fit into a category
So I'm written off as sick
Outcast at every corner
When I speak, backs turn
I'm never one or the other
To me, the cold shoulders burn
Stuck somewhere in the middle
On the outside I'll always be
I wish they didn't try to label
I just want to be seen as me
:iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 0 0
Pokeball - Original Flavor by ladyalikolecir Pokeball - Original Flavor :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 0 0 #442 Spiritomb by ladyalikolecir #442 Spiritomb :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 0 0 #302 Sableye by ladyalikolecir #302 Sableye :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 0 0 #092 Ghastly by ladyalikolecir #092 Ghastly :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 0 0 Pumpkins! by ladyalikolecir Pumpkins! :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 0 0 Ink Web by ladyalikolecir Ink Web :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 0 0 Syrio Forel Amigurumi by ladyalikolecir Syrio Forel Amigurumi :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 0 2 Put A Ring On It by ladyalikolecir Put A Ring On It :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 0 0 Marty Monster by ladyalikolecir Marty Monster :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 0 0 Punk Base by ladyalikolecir Punk Base :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 2 0 Green by ladyalikolecir Green :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 1 0 Ahsoka Tano by ladyalikolecir Ahsoka Tano :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 4 0 Atharya and Althere by ladyalikolecir Atharya and Althere :iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 4 4
Undeclared - Ch 6
Adrianna was hastily brushing out her mane of red hair. She and the boys were going to head to breakfast before the storm was supposed to pick back up again. She was only running on a few hours of sleep, the three had stayed up for a while after the dare.
Down in the front lobby, Justin was already waiting for her. "Where's Neil?" he was looking at his phone, reading a message intently.
"Dunno. Hope he didn't decide to sleep in… I want to see who he kisses at breakfast." Addi grinned, rubbing her hands together evilly.
Justin snorted, finally looking up from his phone, "Really?" His tone made her raise an eyebrow. "You mean he didn't-" he coughed, "So, nothing happened after I left last night?"
"No… What are you-"
"Hey! My friends are here!" Neil ran up and cut Addi off, glaring daggers at Justin. "Sorry I'm late. Let's eat!" He started to head out the door.
Addi blinked dumbly a few times, then followed. "Why were you late? Summing up the courage to kiss someone?" She giggle
:iconladyalikolecir:ladyalikolecir 0 0
I dabble in a lot of stuff, check me out if you like pixel dolls, writing, vector art, amigurumi, or whatever else I pick up!


The Frozen Mansion by JaredBlando The Frozen Mansion :iconjaredblando:JaredBlando 332 30 KH Tarot: back cover by Autumn-Sacura KH Tarot: back cover :iconautumn-sacura:Autumn-Sacura 433 109 Justice - color by Autumn-Sacura Justice - color :iconautumn-sacura:Autumn-Sacura 393 34 Riku's Reason by Nijuuni Riku's Reason :iconnijuuni:Nijuuni 397 10 Riku - Kingdom Hearts Dream drop distance. by Aetiiart Riku - Kingdom Hearts Dream drop distance. :iconaetiiart:Aetiiart 124 12 Riku Heart by vvmasterdrfan Riku Heart :iconvvmasterdrfan:vvmasterdrfan 226 113 How to make Fantastic Keyblades - Tutorial by vvmasterdrfan How to make Fantastic Keyblades - Tutorial :iconvvmasterdrfan:vvmasterdrfan 3,266 1,101 Exercise 27 Results: Candy Study Step by Step by CGCookie Exercise 27 Results: Candy Study Step by Step :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 19,733 429 Coulomb the Crochet Jolteon (description) by ArtisansShadow Coulomb the Crochet Jolteon (description) :iconartisansshadow:ArtisansShadow 42 51 Eleven Doctors Dancing by ultrafishbulb Eleven Doctors Dancing :iconultrafishbulb:ultrafishbulb 137 28 Doctor Who: Transformations are Cool! by darthfilart Doctor Who: Transformations are Cool! :icondarthfilart:darthfilart 4,408 931 Hogwarts House Couture by DistantDream Hogwarts House Couture :icondistantdream:DistantDream 1,258 87 Starry Night at the Arcade by SirNosh Starry Night at the Arcade :iconsirnosh:SirNosh 607 107 Gotta Sculpt 'Em All! Generation I by ninjazzy Gotta Sculpt 'Em All! Generation I :iconninjazzy:ninjazzy 1,571 542 Gen2 Triskele COMMISSION by Canyx Gen2 Triskele COMMISSION :iconcanyx:Canyx 1,116 54 1st PPG Drawing by CMcC 1st PPG Drawing :iconcmcc:CMcC 6,565 1,329



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Bullet; Red Welcome to Setsuna's DA! Bullet; Red 

I did actually state in my journal that I would say I wanted to do more art, announce projects, and then fall off the face of the earth, didn't I? Well... at least I set the expectation, I suppose?

I'm back again! And this time... maybe I will subvert expectations and stick around a bit? This last month we spent a lot of time cleaning up the room in which my desk is situated. I actually have a desk now, because for a while it was just the catch-all storage area for orphaned things that didn't have their own place in the house, but didn't want in the basement. We had our bathroom redone last fall, and the closet had no shelves, so towels, sheets, and whatnot all lived on my desk. Well, for my birthday, I got shelves and everything is now back where it goes. Yes, that is how hard I am adulting - I asked for bathroom closet shelves for my birthday. XD

For Christmas though, I asked for a nice desk chair, which I now have, and over all this time we've been getting storage containers and organizers so that I could someday have an actually usable desk! And now I do, complete with super duper comfy chair, and Funko Pop! figures looking over me for inspiration. I am ready to create!

Except for that pesky ideas thing. Kinda need some of those. Which I do! Oh boy do I ever. But it's kinda like choice-paralysis, where I have so many ideas, I don't even know where to start.

Not to mention... my name here on dA is still "ladyalikolecir" which is a bit of a buzzkill since I universally go by another name online now. I just can't bring myself to pay for that Core membership unless I actually stick around long enough for it to be worth it. Which is a bit of a chicken or egg situation. We'll see though... maybe having this nice clean desk will help. :3

Something that I never really did much with when I was an active dA member before, but has become one of the biggest pieces of media driving my life over time, is Kingdom Hearts (the game series). I LOVE that series. And the third main-series game is coming out this year, supposedly to finalize the "Seeker of Darkness" saga (yeah, I see you Square Enix, leaving yourself open for a new game in the same core rule system later on down the road. You can't fool me). I. Am. HYPE. I have what my husband calls my Kingdom Hearts "shrine" which holds all my wonderful KH related merch. And I keep adding to it. Plus, getting jewelry, clothing items, accessories... you name it, I probably already have it. Especially if it's got Riku on it. He is my absolute favorite since day freakin' one.

My point being that as we get closer and closer to KH3's release, my creative endeavors may veer a bit toward the Disney/Final Fantasy mashup wonder that is Kingdom Hearts.

If I actually follow through and create new art, that is... 9.9

Anyway... felt weird to post a new piece without updating my journal. It's rather intense... and I sat on it for about a month before I finally decided to post it. But... I wanted to share it. I showed it to a friend and she felt a few lines in particular resonated with her, and I thought maybe... someone out there could read it and maybe my message could help. Or maybe no one will read it and I'm just chatting into the void here. Who knows, right?

Either way, life is... a different adventure every day. And I'm trying to take it one step at a time so I don't find myself in a pitfall. If you're struggling, and you're looking for advice, mine is to take things in the smallest steps possible. Break it down to however small you need. If the thought of getting out of bed is too much, then make it even smaller. You're not getting out of bed, you're sitting up. You're putting one foot on the floor. Then the other. Then you're standing up. Take a step. Then another. Break each task down until it's a small enough task that your brain doesn't say "that's too hard."

And if you can't find that smallest step... if you're still seeing those small steps as being too hard, then find someone - anyone, who can listen. I put this in the description of "Help" but while I may be flaky on the posting side of things here, I do lurk and check my notifications about once a week or so. If you don't want to talk to someone you know, or don't have someone else to talk to... my inbox is open. Sometimes you just want someone to listen without hearing a lecture or getting "advice" from someone else, so I will only respond if you ask me to. But if you just want to vent... to be heard? I will read what you send. I will hear you. If nothing else, let yourself be heard by someone. It may be exactly what you need to find that maybe, that small step isn't too hard to make after all.

Thanks for stopping by,

  • Listening to: Waking Lions - Pop Evil
  • Reading: Dreams of Gods & Monsters - Laini Taylor
  • Watching: Way, way too much anime
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts: 3Ds HD (shut up, I like it. Riku.)
  • Eating: All the food in the animes... ALL OF IT
  • Drinking: Cran-cherry juice


Setsuna Himoko
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United States
I really am a deviant of many talents. I'll try pretty much anything once, and I like to do all different kinds of art. I am attempting to reinvent myself and take a new turn in my life. I hope to finally start uploading again!

Favorite style of art: Some artists see the world in shapes, or colors... I see pixels
Operating System: Windows 10
Personal Quote: Everything seems possible, and nothing is what it seems


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