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Earl Phantomhive
Why am I not smiling?  Well, it's a sad story...  This halloween outfit had horns!  But as I was checking my jacket and bag, my Sebastian bumped into one of them and it fell off, shattering on the floor into pieces (normally, it would've been able to withstand that, but that one in particular had been falling a lot and I guess that had just been the last straw).  I still have most of the pieces, so rebuilding won't be a problem.

Anime / Manga:  Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji
Character: Ciel Phantomhive...aka The Queen's Sad Pupper
Photo: mimi_imeji


LadyAlaska's Profile Picture
You wouldn't say it right anyway
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Pardon the bare page while I get situated ^-^ I'm really not on here often enough to to not find it confusing.

If you recognize the penname, then y'all know my main squeeze is writing. There are currently only two subjects that I'll write fanfiction about: Final Fantasy XIII and Kuroshitsuji. My love for them is UNCONDITIONAL (important because sometimes I feel Lightning or Ciel troll me and I relentlessly belittle them and call them the ugliest of names).

If I'm not at a con, hyped on chocolate, or with close friends, I'm painfully shy. It's a love/hate relationship that I'm working on. But that has no bearing on my cyber activites, so feel free to drop me a line! I enjoy making new friends.

Obviously, I like cosplaying; the concept of being someone else, especially someone you admire or connect with or even wish you were a little like really fascinates me. It's a nice escape.

I love Final Fantasy IX, I really do—it’s probably my most favorite FF game, even though the graphics are nothing compared to the beauty of XIII, which I also really adored (the second and third part not so much…the time trials in XIII-2 made me want to rip my beautiful hair out, but I did love the ‘gotta catch them all’ monster theme….who finished ALL the side quests?  This gal) and sometimes I find myself with questions regarding the overall plot (holes), but I’ll never forget how it mesmerized me the first time.  And after Squall and Cloud, who doesn’t find Zidane a breath of fresh tantalizing air? *swoon*

But really, onto the reason I’m writing this and that is to flat-out complain about my cosplaying woe that is Dagger…or rather, her pendant.  I knew there would be some parts of her outfit that I couldn’t make, such as her blouse and jumper, but the rest were challenges I could tackle.  Yes, there are crystal pendants that one can buy, but I’m such a stickler for detail—and there are people who have done it before—so I said, let’s toss this paper clay into the online basket (was that perhaps my first mistake?)! 

I may be a perfectionist, but I’m still also rather new to this, and so sculpting took some time, and while it didn’t look exactly like Dagger’s, it looked close enough for my mind to be at peace.  But this hunk of gluey paper was useless unless I could make a cast of it and so I wavered between molding putty and latex milk; I ended up with the latter because it supposedly picked up fine details better.

Hindsight is 20/20 and now I know that I probably shouldn’t have done it, but at the time, it seemed really reasonable and plausible enough that it could work.  My original sculpture had two holes at the crown tip because I knew I would be attaching a chain through it—and I thought I would incorporate that into the mold so I wouldn’t have to find a way later to drill through hardened resin and somehow end up cracking the whole piece because you know…nightmares.  Of course I had a plan of filling the holes up, by inserting the tiny screwdriver I’d used to make the holes, wrapped in layers of cling wrap—because the resin would naturally have better things to do than tenaciously find a way to undermine my logical way of thinking.  Well, sadly it didn’t, and besides the fact that I noticed there were a few areas that could’ve used a little more latex love, I noticed it looked suspiciously shiny near the holes.  See, I thought the rubber and thickly wedged cling wrap would be enough of a deterrent, but it wasn’t, but I withheld panic with the comforting thought that the main job of resin was to harden…so, in half an hour it would have essentially plugged the hole itself.  Right?  Yah, no.

Unfortunately this morning, I woke up to find my mold in shallow pool of resin (you won’t believe what I used as a mother mold).  My hopes were dashed, to say the least.  I shall graciously allow the process to continue, but I’m not optimistic of the outcome.  I still have the original (which I had sealed with acrylic paint because I read all over that you can do that, but was a pain because when I pulled the rubber off, it pulled the paint off too), which I have now coated in a varnish that will, with any luck, do better than the paint and not somehow mess with the latex…although this venture has already started off subpar because the brush I was using to coat with lost a bunch of little hairs that are now encased in the sealant.

If this second try fails, I do have a plan C and that is to sand the original to get rid of the paint and varnish and give the molding putty a try.

Trying to be efficient was my downfall in this story.  But hey, no reason for tears just yet!  …Just a lot of grumbles and frowny faces.  Oh and wasted money. *hangs head*


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Uhm, they've never spoken.  Haha, I'm not on here anymore, bub-bubs.
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:tighthug: You're so kind,thank you! And no problem, your art style is unique. :nod:
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