'Soiled doves' Released..

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Deviation Actions

Sometimes plans just go sideways and look around turns into something else.. Katie and her friends end up to be slaves in nasty tavern that is filled with bad company and girls have to hope that their other friends find them ...and are able to rescue them from this awful fate..

Warning!! This set will NOT contain..

- sex (not kidding)

- cookies (NOT kidding)

- reason to buy it.. IF you are looking for really hot sex, ultra High Quality pics, Knight Elayne, Thief Ezri and sexy lingeries.. This set won't have any of those..

Mini pack.. in gumroad 4 dollas

Just story pdf (text+pics)

Regular pack.. 6 dollas..

story pdf (text+pics), 60+pics

and last set.. for Very limited time offer..

Supporter pack 12 dollas.. story pdf (text+pics), story pdf (text only), 90+ pics

***Update 14.5.-21

NOW in Amazon too.. search for Adara3d or directly from this link. ****

Thanks for visiting ;)


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Already got this, and it is fantastic!

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Thank you for your kind words..