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At first.. Majority of females in Finland.. 91% Hates/dislike/etc Trump... For various reasons.. They hate Trump more than they hate Putin.. Putin got only... 76% Haters/etc..

I have to say, people has spoken, neither of these persons aren't welcomed nor wanted in here.

I plan to be there, protesting and demanding Trump to go and stay away from here..

But good side is, I think that USA will get screwed by Putin 10-0.. It will be fun to watch how Trump bends over and spread the cheeks..

Oh, saw that Deviant art is making more changes.. Not so much liking the path that they took.. It was Art first years ago, friendly site for everyone.. now it's DeviantArt first as an company.. Art isn't important anymore, just money into their pockets.

Like one person within DA said to me " Your pics ARE NOT ART! It's TRASH!! I should get BANNED for this FILTH!!", what I do know about art.. I remember that a lot nicer and friendly deviantart when I found this place.. It's dead now. Take your bibles into your hands, flowerhataunties.. Chant your lords blessings.. I'm not stopping yet.. MORE Filth is coming.. discusting pervert filth.. Just for you, flowerhataunties and nazirulebooktrolls..

Staff members... Like always.. go sit on cactus.. Have a rotten day in your basement cube..

aaaaand all others.. May you have gooooood and nice day.. Have fun, enjoy the time you have.. stop for a while and smell the rose.. or coffee.. what ever you wanna smell.. Take a moment for yourself and smile.


...for DA staffers..

as I can't use any nice finger pics in here, cause i'm not CORE MEMBER!! They actually wanna me to pay that I could use pics in here.. frak them!

╭∩╮( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╭∩╮    F     U        DA staffers!

And others.. Have a nice day in there!

Fuck You all staff members! every single of you!

with love..

So, long time no plaaplaa.. Yessss.. my bad.

I have been in work, having looooong hours.. just to get enough pennies to get new render comp.. as I wanna do something else while render is running and currently.. if I render.. can't do much with comp at that moment..

OK, so as soon enough I should have enough pennies for new pc, I noticed that.. do I want to render anymore? I'm more a writer anyway... writer of crappy same same without difference stories.. and also seen a lot of other render art around.. good and bad ones.. and I don't feel the thrill of it in my head..

I have one pic set almost ready to be released.. pics are made in august 2017.. postwork and layouting -not finished- and kicked forward several times.. by my own request.. and currently don't know, if I ever release it.

I have noticed that affect3d.. or ASS3D I call them.. and renderotica crew.. honestly, don't even CARE about piracy.. they get their cut from work of others and more likely they are understaffed, underpaid anyway.. to keep their sites running... at last renderotica seems like it.. I can't see any logic within their release/posting rhythm.. and ...ooh.. why I even bother to waste my time on them..

Doing around 10-11 h in day.. in work.. daily.. weekly.. monthly.. since ..ermm.. months?.. oh dear..  No wonder I have energy only to write time to time.. to keep bills paid, try to push pennies in comp funds and have something inside fridge..  Ok, I'm lucky to have a job, extra pennies and something inside my fridge.. all true.. so why I whine?.. should shut up and carry on..

Why to have all this burden, go through all this trouble to have a comp?.. cause it's not in my nature to ask or beg anything from anyone.. I'm a Finn.. all I have is my pride. Hibbli knows this all too well.. I rather grawl on my hands and knees on broken glass to hell and back, than to give an inch..  

Anyway.. just looked at 3d pics that others have done.. and didn't feel anything for it anymore.. years ago I was eager to see more, wanted more, had ideas from those.. but now.. dunno. meh.

Have kept writing still for Hibbli.. some wishes that I wouldn't.. but.. you can't have everything you hope in life.. it goes for everyone. Figure that on, put fake smile on your face and carry oooon.. It's gonna be interesting to see, how her plans form.. and results for those..

Mmhh.. and that Demon Kingdom 3.. drow mayhem.. oh, you can blame me for all the disliking it, my ego can carry all that anyway.. Hibbli did her best for it, but seemingly grey skin isn't fappable.. dunno about that, just feels like it.

Okok.. so, maybe next time when I plaaplaa.. I might have new render comp.. that might happen within few months, maybe half a year.. lol..  

Ok.. let's see if I let this update to be here.. longer than one from last week.. I deleted it after 2 h 35 mins..  my bad habits.

Love you all.. XOXOXO


Yes, have been away for long time.. or not so much away, but not so much posting.. continued on writing side.. more stories to Hibbli3d side.. Worked a lot with newest plot line and when I started on that project, she wanted to add that story into her other list.. (someones will notice it soon enough what she wanna do and where she might move into).. that made me to change many many things on it and at first it felt kinda terrible waste, but after few days.. got my plans rethinked and now its ok.. Sented it to editors list and when ever it's edited, it moves into Hibblis storypool..

Yes, while I haven't been writing.. I have been messing with paints.. miniature paints. Commissioned some figurines from a friend.. he was kind enough to print them to me and then I started to paint and paint and paint.. I'm total newbie with paints, sorry.. don't kill me yet, I'm learning new stuff with these..

I uploaded moments ago plenty of pics about those 3d printed models.. If someone wants to own those.. send me a note and lets chat about it.. Or..  tell me what you char and pose you want.. painted or not.. I do know that there is some issues in the prints.. some fingers are missing, among other things.. so, if you want some of these models that I have in here.. just make an offer if interested. In the near future.. I try to find the way to have better looking models..  PAINTED models..

DeviantArt really rubs barbed wire into my eyes.. those advs pisses me off, but those won't make me to pay them for Core shit.. Only things that I miss is multiple upload when submitting stuff and advs off.. So, I keep my freebie acco and give middlefinger to advs.. upload my stuff pic by pic.. DA won't get a dime from me.

OK, Thanks for visiting dear friends.. and all other..  and like always DA-Staff members.. Have a rotten day!!


While Hibbli is working hard with her next chapter of Demon kingdom and Ezri chapter..  more halfbreed demons having fun with Hibblis favorite girl.. and can’t be sure when her set is ready for release.. but anyway.. most likely she is having too much fun with it.. big halfbreed demon guards making small halfelven girls day so much harder..  but that’s the way you like it..  but just need to wait a bit longer.. 

So, my own set.. called Tome of Lust..  is pretty much ready.

Katie, Amy and Nemi finds themselves having some fun with total strangers.. Someone forgot to tell that, some books have certain charms tied to them and it transform ordinary tavern guests to be.. not so ordinary, but still a lot more eager to spend some time with willing girls.. Will it be just harmless fun or not.. that will be seen..

73 highres images + story pdf for 8 bucks, can be found from our webshop (  click shop ) or directly HERE!

Thanks for visiting!!

Adara ;)

I have thought about these for a long time now.. but I guess, it's about the time do something about this..

I'm open for Commissions.. if you are interested, do let me know..

I can write a stories and make 3d pics for you..  But do understand that subject of the commission should fit into my own taste.. best way to know is, that you ask me and tell me your idea.. Do you need a story, or just pics for certain idea..

Currently, I can't make 3d model from real person, so don't ask..

I have access into Hibblis chars, if you are looking for custom pic set with them..

- Pics (few pics, 1-5) 10-20 € / pic
- Pic sets.. depends from the needed time, work and how many pics are wanted

- Stories.. depends from the idea, base cost 20€.. Base story contains 3 pages, A4 size/font 10, longer stories +5€ / page. Do know, that stories are proofreaded and edited before final delivery. English isn't my native language, so for Your enjoyment, editor will make sure that there isn't stupid mistakes.


Through paypal and paypal only. I will give address when it's needed. Before I start on your commission, I ask 10€ frontpayment from you. It's more to make me feel that you are serious with commission and my time while working on it isn't wasted time.

Commissions and privacy..

I do take liberty to use pics that I make in my gallery, but if you want private commission, for +20€ all material that I write or render for you, remains hidden and between just me and my client.

Plenty of text, numbers and so on.. oh, just ask me and have little chat.. I tried to give just rough rules, that I could think of.. Every commission is unique, everyone has different point of views.. Ask, tell me about your idea and I'll try to give you fair deal.. Send a note or email me..

Thanks for viewing..

Adara ;)

Also.. my other stuff can be found from Hibblis webshop..
If you wanna support my work.. Thanks!!
it is called...  Dark night..

Amy and Katie messing with odd crystal and meets the people that lives underground..

87 highre pics and a a story pdf included for just 6 bucks! :) Get it while it’s hot or not… your call..

As usually.. you can get it from our webshop ( ) or click HERE! 

Another sadsadpanda naziruletroll spotted... goes under alias "  EdgeworthsNeckScarf "  and his page

This is what he said
this is pornography and this is not okay on dA
someone like akairiot is okay because in the end its a form of art


this is not okay

report them right now"

Ok. So, he claims to be 13 y old boy from UK, meme artist (we trully need one more of those, yes) and ...what else.. dunno..

I can't get my head around the thing.. that I KNOW.. that Hibblis pics are tagged as mature content and censored like DA RULES DEMANDS..  Note.. if you go to this trolls page, you notice that he haven't shown his REAL age.. and just claims that he's 13..  I smell bullshit and it comes from denma.. ermm.. UNITED KINGDOM..

Also the fact as he ask people to report Hibbli to staff, so he can hide the fact that he can see her pics..

Under the bottomline.. Sad faced NAZIRULETROLL behind FAKE ACCOUNT.. dunno what he is hunting, searching, watching.. but FAKE IS A FAKE! Cake isn't always a lie, but Fake is fake what ever you claim..

Personally.. I really wonder why some 13 y old boy would be interested to do meme stuff (we do need more of that crap, yes, just bring it..) and is SAD to see material that he calls " pornography "..

It pisses me off to see these naziruletrolls roaming around DA and do their nasty crap they do.. Sad thing is, if this "boy" would have born in USA.. he could be The President of United Fucknut states..

Tell me.. how underaged boy could see behind da's maturefilter.. is it Hibblis fault? ooooh, ok.. when asking that from DA.. it is.. Only Hibblis fault.

While I dont give any respect or TRUST to staff members of DA.. I did report this "13 y old brit boy" aka EdgeworthsNeckScarf to staff.. for trolling and using fake identity.. should have added "been meme artist" on that list, but.... sad thing, it's not forbidden.. Ok.. everyone has their own hobbies..

But hey.. it's fucknut weedsmoking staff in DA.. so.. they will see this situation like this..
" innocent meme loving little 13 year old boy were stalked by bad slutty drugs using childabuser woman, who have made dirty dirty so dirty pics and caused this innocent 13 y old boy to have huge shock and therefore Brave, powerfull and heroes of nation.. knights in shiny bling bling armours.. champions of the all meme artists.. DA staff.. kicked and banned this pervert woman for good from DA..  "

13 y old boy who makes memes and dislike pair of tits... RIGHT, YEAH!!

Naziruletroll using FAKE ACCO... EdgeworthsNeckScarf  is FAKE! EdgeworthsNeckScarf  is FAKE!

EdgeworthsNeckScarf.. I know that you can see this.. Have a nice day!!  Trolling is bad for you, stop while you can. ;) Thanks for visiting..
Now in renderotica too..   At first it was uploaded into Hibblis webshop (direct link into BMT shop link + other items go and shop.. there is freebie sets too!!) and now moving forward in plans. Ok...

Any other places where this kind of pic sets could be put into sale, other ideas?? ...NOT in Affect3D.. That option is checked off..

Also, my friends.. as much I love advs myself.. (as much all love those...) Ideas to get some advs for my sets?  I'm all thumbs when going into selling my sets.. getting attention into my stuff.. ooh.. Feels so stupid.. lol..

Staff trolls... go suck your toes under the bridge or sumtin..


Just looked into renderotica.. and went huge LOLZ..  You might know or not.. that this splash window in frontpage.. usually reserved for frontline/best seller artists/etc HQ stuff.. okok.. So I have heard that it's for these artists that are already known to bring good and awesome stuff..  I found my tiny " The Reporter" set from that splash window.. 

Honestly.. I rofl.. 

Nah, I'm not that good yet to have that space.. more likely they wanted something new to show to peeps.. and picked my pic into there.. but hopefully it's "good omen"..

Alsooo... should keep my mind on my own set at the moment.. to get usable/reasonable idea for it.. but currently something draws me to write for Hibblis chars.. I have thought that I should do fantasty(medieval) set next.. those are always funny and I can use monsters :D

OK, I can use monsters in modern era sets too.. as.. well, look the world outside.. people like Trump.. old pervy baboon.. "leader" of free world.. nah, he just wanna more money and people to suck his tiny... ermm.. thumb..

Okok.. back to working ;)

Staff... as always.. stop wasting your time with smoking pot in your parents old basement.. and GET A JOB!!...
As Deviantart makes even more fubar bonehead moves and continue shooting their own leg..

I joined into Weasyl..

I will upload more pics into there, currently many of my pics are under mature tag, so those can't be seen public side.. Should make pics that I can show on there more freely..

I will keep on eye if I notice other same type of sites as Weasyl, I got few notes about those earlier.. and will check on them, as... DA is more moving towards.. useless apps and buy buy buy coreshit..

I don't wanna be CORE! I'm disgusted to even think about it, Premium membership sounded like more neutral and for all, but CORE.. it's just some.. radical shithead what covers even ecoterrorists, rights for animal movements and wear-your-toilet-ring-around-your-neck-worshippers.. I'm not skater, not wanna be CORE! Not wanna be funder of this braindead firm.. So, it's my right to look outside, more friendly and nicer sites..

Ok, if someone likes the way how DA handles things.. Ok, your choice, I won't try to talk you over. It's matter of taste.

Have a nice day in there... peace! XOXOXO