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Xmas Gurl by LadyAdaraConstantine Xmas Gurl by LadyAdaraConstantine
daz - iray

sooo.. this is as far I will go in christmas genre... personally, xmas means nothing to me.. just another day in calender. But others seems to like it, so I usually stay quiet and don't try to steal their christmas joy.. I'm happy at the moment as I don't have to see relatives right about now. Subject on that matter is long, bloody and contains more and more bitter hate..  ok, not so much bitter and hate stuff, but getting there if thinking about it..

Phone is turned OFF.. so don't waste your time to call me, mommy dearest.. not gonna pick up, nor wanna talk with you.

OOOKKKK!!... so.. christmas angst is done..BACK to picture thingie.. I tinkered with Iray again.. lot's of tinkering with it lately, cause Hibbli is taking OFF time with her family.. she knows my feelings about xmas, so she don't talk about it.. but glad that she can have her own fun time in there..

I managed to most likely fubared ORIGINAL picture.. I think that I pressed save, but I fear that I pressed "cancel" button.. ooh.. THAT sucks!.. around 2 h.. wasted.. and CANCEL!.. Ok, lucky enough that daz makes temp files.. so I can show this little christmas gurl.. I would like to be somewhere warm.. sunny.. beach or pool, won't matter.. but I wanna be there ..alone :) just me, pool/beach and sun...

Honestly, I'm not one of those sun worshipper gurls, soooo.. I guess.. I would stay under the sun.. around 15 mins.. and as I'm a finn.. I have get used to for colder climate, so over +25 C would feel like I'm in the oven, slowly roasted to death... and then... +30 C... Literally melting me..

I hope that you like my type of xmas gurl.. I'm currently rendering another version of it.. MAYBE I show it to you..

Ok, Laters, enjoy!
GozerGozarian Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016
"I would like to be somewhere warm.. sunny.. beach or pool, won't matter.. but I wanna be there ..alone :) (Smile) just me, pool/beach and sun." I know just the place, lol! Bring plenty of sunscreen  palm tree icon TTOCI 1 GIF 

Aloha, Mele kalikimaka (
hyvää joulua) my Finn friend!
LadyAdaraConstantine Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankies :)
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December 24, 2016
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