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Boycott Russia by LadyAdaraConstantine Boycott Russia by LadyAdaraConstantine
I don't own copyrights! Not my picture! I haven't done this picture! I do not own copyrights for this pic!!
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xkalipso Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
just wondering.Why are you doing it ? :D
LadyAdaraConstantine Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
as long your beloved mighty president Putin keeps bullying Ukraine, giving ammo, guns, tanks, etc to terrorists in eastern ukraine.. and acting like ass with planes/ships against  other countries..  I keep boycotting russia in every way I can..  Also.. kidnapping Ukraine helicopter pilot + police officer from Estonia..  I guess international justice isn't something what your goverment thinks so much.. only when it suits for them..

I keep boycotting and making sure that more people joins into boycott russia movement.. not to buy anything what is  from your country/countrymen.. not to sell anything to russia..  I don't know about others, but I can live easily without items/goods from russia..
xkalipso Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This site was created for the drawings of the artist.this is no place for politics and nationalist were not in Ukraine,righ?How can you judge this.I advise you to read about this man…  People living in eastern Ukraine were opposed to his policies proclaimed by the President of Ukraine
LadyAdaraConstantine Featured By Owner Edited Aug 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ooh.. lol.. you slammed right away "nazi" card in the game.. so weak and lame...  I guess you aren't from ukraine too.. just living in russia and getting brainwashed by current terrorist goverment of yours..  your goverment have attacked against another country.. by using middle men and then painting awful imagines that nazis rules in ukraine..  just weak.. Same parlament continued their work after that corrupted president of theirs were kicked out.. and your goverment have used russias strictly controlled media to tell that there is nazis in power..  

I guess it's useless to even continue this.. as you take the info what your goverment feeds to you.. absolut truth..  and cutting everything else off.. well.. you can keep your country, your corrupted goverment and propaganda media.. hopefully you wake up before your own country is burnt to ashes.. but, honestly.. like I care.. Goodbye! 
HitmanX3Z Featured By Owner Edited Oct 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's stupid propaganda, there is no and there was no evidence of Russian operations in the territory of Ukraine. United States does not like the Putin, and I believe that this can be proud of, while 80% of European leaders lick the USA ass. We live in Strong Country and have a Strong Leader.

And you go on to pray at Obama and wait US to made another Iraq  out any of your EU countries, ah, I forgot, you do not have oil, or anything, the United States needed from you only one thing - to put pressure on Russia.

All you saying is a typical bullshit, you don't live here in Russia, you know nothing. We, here live in free country, no one is controlling us.

And yeah... just take a look at the present Ukrainian government, they just bunch of puppets and clowns, you blame Russia, while EU countries and USA robs Ukrainian people... that's just perfect, lol...

Do you know what is Donbass, and why there is a war? It is a pot of gold. Real Ukrainian people, patriots, just want to save it for it's country. Or Ukraine will become a simple and useless piece of botched work on the world map. Do you know that Russians and Ukrainians are brothers by nature? Do you know that The Sevastopol port was handed over in rent to US Navy? You know NOTHING about what is going on here. And The Sevastopol people are happy to be part of Russia. You SHOULD ask them by yourself if you don't believe in truthfulness of my words.
LadyAdaraConstantine Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
"repeat the lie until it becomes the truth"

I have seen all that several times. Almost same thing. word for word.

Sad, but this seems to be real good example from case of brainwashing in modern society. Same stuff repeated over and over again in every newspaper (if not repeated, that site is closed ). tv, radio, internet.. social media..  it's constant, same message from every place, your food is made from it, your air is filled with it..
HitmanX3Z Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And summing up, Ukrainians was brainwashed. But who did it? Russia? No way! Why? For what? We had a good relationship with their previous President. What Russia benefits from all this? Only US have profit from it, by destabilizing Europe.
HitmanX3Z Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't watch tv, listen radio or read news, really, i don't care...

But, dear, you seems to be also a child of brainwashing machine, so much hate to people that you even didn't saw in real life and don't know...  just remember, all social media is payed in every country on god damn Earth...

Take a look at US, what it have done to the Iraq, to Serbia and Yugoslavia, Libya, and now Ukraine by the same scenario....?

By myself, i don't hate Abama, or US, or whatever it will be, this is just politics game, it's dirty, and there no truth in every direction.

This is not our business. But what i can't understand - why Ukrainian people is that stupid with all what they do to their own country, what was caused after all these demonstrations and protests? The people became poor, like usual, like was countless times in the history, their currency fell below nowhere vs USD, EURO, etc. Now, their standard monthly salary is not exceed 100 USD. And who wins here? Ukrainians that are dissatisfied with their past government, when they have lived like a normal people? Or Russia? I believe that we need strong allies covering our borders. But Ukraine is now nothing. And this is really bad for Russia by the strategic point of view.
LadyAdaraConstantine Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You seem to be so eager to blame US ...mmh.. just about ..everything. Yes, They have done shitty moves in the past and maybe they do those in the future too..

Anywayy.. I don't remember that US would invade some part of land and held bullshit voting for joining into them.. JUST because they would have ancient claim to that region, some old fart did wrong move in the past and now it was corrected.

Hey, I thought that you would be above all this political crap.. and it's funny.. you claim that you don't watch tc, listen radio, read news and plaaplaa.. Still everything what you wrote earlier, I have heard several times from mouth of russians.. IN here.. Finland and also threats that when Putin invades Finland, like he has right to do.. same ancient claim on this land -bullshit again, He's gonna kill us all. You might call that nationalism.. I call it pure and simple fascism..

Your so mighty and strong leader is doing same thing what Hitler did in the past.. Check history books.. oooh, yeah.. I guess your history books aren't so much in synch with our books.. Somehow russians are always victims, always pulled into everything.. always betrayed, but also.. claming always victory to themselves..

You say, that invading part of other country, join it into your country ok?..

Well.. Funny thing on truth...  it will surface sooner or later and it will show who was right and who was wrong.. You might wanna deny it, but time will tell.. If your almighty leader nuke rest of us, or invade and kill us any other way.. I will be here to see it.. And one thing is a fact.. Putin will die. Not maybe today, nor tomorrow.. it's just a fact. We all die sometime.. And when He dies.. I will throw a party and get really drunk on that day.. I might shoot some fireworks into the sky..

Anyway.. I had respect towards you as and 3d Artist.. Your stuff were awesome in the past, but now.. Honestly, it's looking like the spark (what I loved to see) from it is missing.. just more and more pics with out soul.. and after all this plaaplaa.. respect towards you just vanished.. now you just are.. in there. Also, I ask you to remember, my opinions are mine, and mine alone.

Until truth is revealed on so many things, I call quits on this jabbering..  Maybe in the future, we can continue on this matter.. when facts are known.

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