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Tomb Raider II (Great Wall revisited)

Well...Where do I even start? I don't know what made me decide to do this. I don't know how I decided to take on a project like this. Phew. I learned a lot of things though, so that's nice. It only took me one day to finish (there are WIP pics on my tumblr, even) it's 5:30 am and I have work at 9 am but I'll be damned if I wasn't going to finish this and get it uploaded.

At the end of Tomb Raider II you run out of the Great Wall and it explodes behind you and I wanted to do something like that. (the whole time this was playing in my head ) Tomb Raider II is my absolute favorite TR game. I had to do something TRII related. Everything was rendered separately (except the ground/Lara) so that I could blur them different amounts. I did this so it looks like the wall is further back, the debris is shot a bit further, etc. Now sit back, because there are so many credits it's not even funny. 

Lara is by not again! 
Top is by :iconlegendg85:
Boots from a model by matty
Pistols by :iconmerytaten-tasherit:
G36K by :iconeddiehimselfstolemyu:
Random flying debris/ground by me
Grass is from the grass essentials pack on blender guru
Great wall from here, I think?
Hair from a model by :iconkonradm96: (one of the best hairs out there, imo)

Photoshopped items
Fire 1 :iconfrostbo:
Fire 2 :iconjoeycool10:
Smoke :icondbszabo1:
Bruise/blood type splatters :icontrisste-brushes:
Blood drips :iconsteamed-pepsi-stock:
Rips in clothing from here. 
Sky I added in that you can't actually see :iconthy-darkest-hour:
Extra debris

reference pose
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Omg yessss, I love this :D
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Amazing as always my friend.
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She looks so cute here :D
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omg its you hi

and i agree!
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