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Suicidal Angel

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an Angel...... fallen from grace, and wishing for her death,
giving up all hope that everything will be forgiven....

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:bulletpink:My tablet isn't working anymore. So I had to painstakingly use the mouse, which made the whole process really difficult. Spent 3 whole hours just to crop the model without ruining the dress. Finished around 6-7 hours of painting on face & dress, testing out different wings till I found the perfect pair, and blending of layer colors to perfection (it's far from perfect, but I did my best and that's enough for me.)
:bulletpink:This is my Official Entry for the Contest
"WINGS OF AN ANGEL" hosted by
(Only two weeks left... I'm so glad I was able to catch up.
If you wish to join, you better hurry 'coz 13th of Dec. is the deadline.
This work is a labor of love, so win or lose, I am happy all the same.)
:spotlight-left: CREDITS :spotlight-right:
Special thanks to the following:
*Model by ~dazzle-stock [link]

Thank You!
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at 12:00am, by Bloody Mary. This is no joke. So don't think you can 
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Thomas was lying in his bed watching T.V. The clock shows '12:01am'. The
T.V misteriously flickered off and Thomas's bedroom lamp flashed on and
off several times. It went pitch black, Thomas looked to the left of 
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everywhere with a knife in her hand then disappeared. The biggest fright
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Warning... NEVER look in a mirror and repeat 
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15 -25 OR MORE PEOPLE - You are safe from Bloody Mary
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So Pretty hun :love:
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This one looks amazing!! :wow:
You certainly had some divine inspiration for this one! :heart:
I love it!! :love: :love: :love
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thank you so much my dear friend :blowkiss:
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Superb work sweetie!
Lady-Yunaleska's avatar
Thank you Miss Sandra, and thanks for all the submission requests! :blowkiss:
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Its Beautiful......:heart:
Lady-Yunaleska's avatar
Thanks so much dear:hug:
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:wow: awesome not so keen on the thought of her name but awesome Art
Good Luck dear

gee on perfect well I think thats only defined by what you after as a goal or in the mind of others as what they perceived (or look for) as perfect....

as art it is perfect Dear :)

if it conveys what you wanted to say then thats all thats needed really...well thats my thoughts on art

To me its beautiful and on the thought of title well thats a hard one but to put in simply;

Although we sometimes go there in our wishes for a release from our perceived pains real or not
I truly see no true answers there for life
but mine is never to judge why some seek answers there
and the world is a cruel unkind and unfair place
for the most part... so I can understand why

still to me look for the beauty in each day and remember that all things come to pass sooner or later
life is change and it does everyday

we just may have to look harder at how we can hasten the change for the better for in levels of self happiness
and that can mean changing our thoughts on what we truly need or want in our lifes

this is of course is as different and individual as us
it is unique to us

others can help hold our hand along a dark path
till we see the sunlight
that is humanity

Sorry for getting a bit philosophical dear on your art
(but it is a subject that saddens my :heart: for too many)

Again GoodLuck! :shamrock: :huggle::heart: :)
:excited: for you

Lady-Yunaleska's avatar
Thank you my friend for your kind words, I really appreciate it :heart:

I had mixed feelings about the title too, I wasn't sure how it will be perceived/ received by people. But when I was working on this piece, I envisioned an angel, fallen from grace, who wants to die because she lost everything. I wanted pure emotion to come out of this piece. But that does not mean I believe in taking one's life. I am a nurse, and I have tended to patients who attempted to take their lives, and I have listened to their stories, and I felt their pain. And even if I do not believe in ending one's own life, I sometimes wonder. If something really and horribly painful would happen to me (or to someone I love), would I be able to bear the pain...Would I be able to hold on to hope.... Would I be able to go on... I always wonder. It keeps me awake at night sometimes.

Thanks for the support, my beautiful friend. I am very grateful :hug:
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the title dear well I actually like it means this was an art of deep thought and contemplation
with that you inspired serious emotions and thought within me

oh and actually I never thought that at all
more I thought you were posing
the question as to why someone would feel so strongly about that in life our emotions can drive us to that level of despair

there is of course the other side, where truly physical pain & facing an agonizing death why you may want to

I can understand it and whom am I that I should deny them a peaceful end..but thats on another aspect not were your art was centered I think & were most go on that thought is from their emotions

yes I thought a little later I may have interpreted it a little wrongly, seems I did the respect of it being not her but those wishing for her
a light out of the darkness so as to speak
was my thought

you know as I was writing the reply I was thinking of exactly what you said above..there are some very unspeakable things that happen to some of humanity and you truly wondering if you could ever recover from the physiological damage that can befall you..
we are good at torturing our selfs with our minds & emotions
long after the reality of a situation has passed

so my comments might better apply to those that have not been touched by some of the darkest wings upon this earth
still I think we all go to those thoughts at times
it really depend on how cruel the world has been to us
(again perceived or real)

yet there are others that no matter how dark the darkness is they still seem to find a strength and even a forgiving
for the wrongs done to them..I truly admire them for having such a generosity of love within their souls that they can still find a forgiveness in their :heart:
Strange & sad world at times dear

Your most welcome my dear :huggle::heart:
Lady-Yunaleska's avatar
awwww...... thank you DJ, your words just move me... I sent you a private note dear :hug:
starlight2infinity's avatar
welcome and thank you dear
read it and replied :) :huggle::heart:
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Beautifully done, I'm in awe that you did all that work with a mouse.
Lady-Yunaleska's avatar
Thank you dear :hug: Yes,it was difficult to use a mouse, especially since I am not used to it anymore. But I guess I did alright... Thanks for the support dear :huggle:
MadPrinceFeanor's avatar
You are very welcome and deserving, you have an incredible amount of talent. :heart:
Lady-Yunaleska's avatar
thanks so much my dear :heart:
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great colors and beautiful work!
Thanks so much for using my stock!!! :hug:
Lady-Yunaleska's avatar
Thanks so much Miss Mirella! Thank you for your wonderful stock... and best of luck to you in the contest! Your entry is gorgeous!
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perfectly stunning!
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