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About Literature / Artist Kiyo ❤32/Female/Netherlands Groups :iconglory-be-project: Glory-Be-Project
writing one day at a time
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Memory Lane
Sharing inner thoughts
I travel down memory lane —
   Walking backwards again
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 25 1
Hold On to Hope
Some will have you believe
   that hope
is a dangerous kind of currency,
But I disagree, to me hope is
   a beacon of light
that helps us sail the waves
      of life.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 47 2
Colours of Morning
A misty curtain
hides the colours of morning —
   We await the sun,
   Soft touch of sunlight
   caresses roof’s edge —
      Warm pigments blossom
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 17 7
Memento Mori
I am a pool of memories
lingering deep inside, waiting
   to be once more explored
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 18 9
Fiery Arrows
Autumn sends its fiery
arrows into the late green
   treetops high above,
Their flames painting yellow,
red, orange and gold,
until the burning leaves
   tumble, and fall.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 15 6
Just Friends
Every day that passes
between us, it gets harder
to keep the words from
slipping in doubt,
I want to repeat them
time and time again
until my lips wear out,
   But, I can not;
   for we are only
      just friends.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 21 3
Sweet Tears
Blue falling jewels
shining like crystal droplets —
   Sadness evaporates
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 21 3
Falling Rain
Some nights, I’m like the
   falling rain,
Whenever grey thoughts
   cloud my mind
and my heart wells over,
I unburden in the tears I cry.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 48 16
Full of Wonder
Butterfly, chase the wind
let the name of your lover caress your lips
may the storm follow you
   Upon hands, wild and free,
   dance and dive into his waiting embrace;
      You are winds of change
You are sparrows
thriving on the fall and rise
eyes ever forward
   Where once were two
   now a puzzle joins complete;
      A journey awaiting
A path divided
a feather falling to the ground
a child's eyes, full of wonder.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 10 5
Ethereal Glory
Swimming in ethereal glory
magic breathes starlight to earth —
  Eyes spy the velvet night
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 11 17
High Seas
Breaking and falling,
folding and foaming, the ocean
   breathes its own language
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 43 8
Homeward Bound
Lingering inside,
there's a sensation growing strong;
   I'm homeward bound,
Like rivers flowing to the sea,
I know where it is I need to be.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 14 4
The Distance
The day we
felt the distance,
the shells fell
from our eyes,
We knew
the road had
and with sad
severed our last
remaining ties.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 49 10
At First Sight
Frozen by your spell
I gaze from a distance,
   my heart beating fierce —
enchanted, you leave me with
   a painted image behind.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 11 9
Guiding Light
Follow the glimmer
sparkling in your eyes, it will
   guide your heart places
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 23 9
Light of the Heart
Like a beacon,
a compass that ever leads true
my Soul knows the way
[Your heart is my home]
     A pointing needle,
     gravity pulls to true north —
        Take your first step
     [Feel my homefire, calling you]

Evening warmth
seeping through the cracks
hearts calling
[A house lit from within]
     Tucked in our embrace
     we watch the setting sun —
       Home is ever us
     [Heart to heart, we need nothing else]

Share your space
your warmth, your light
watch it grow
[Reflected in the eyes of children]
     Seedlings to the sun,
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 10 3
Hello everyone :heart:

After sharing various teasers through social media, it's finally here: Musings from a Wildflower; the very first Micro Poetry series collection is available for purchase!

Gathered together it collects a hundred micro poems side by side in full-colour print editions (both hard- and softcover) and also simultaneous eBook editions (visual and poetry only), giving the reader a chance to briefly escape and dream away.

Musings from a Wildflower (print) by Kiyo-Poetry

The Micro Poetry Series

Followers of my weekly updated Literary blog, or social media, will know this series rather well as I've been sharing it for at least a year-and-a-half, but for reader's who haven't been with me for that long, here's a little more info (:

The Micro Poetry series are minimalistic poems based in origins on the art found in Japanese poetry — the way of saying so much in so little — combined with visuals from all around the globe that can take you places with just one glance. They aim to seamlessly blend words with imagery, the poetry inspired by personal philosophy, nature, daily thoughts and emotions, and have been met with wonderful comments of feeling uplifted, encouraged, or finding a moment to sit back and relax when reading them.

Musings Print 07 by Kiyo-Poetry

Musings eBook 02 by Kiyo-Poetry

Where to get your copies?

Print editions are  sold (once again) through Blurb, and the eBook editions are available in both ePub and Kindle editions; find all the info, pricing details and links below~

Hardcover, € 51,50 — Purchase through Blurb
Softcover, € 41,95 — Purchase through Blurb
eBook (Kindle, visual ed.), € 8,75 — Purchase through Amazon (worldwide)
eBook (Kindle, poetry ed.), € 3,99 — Purchase through Amazon (worldwide)
eBook (ePub, poetry ed.), € 3,99 — Purchase through Smashwords | Kobo

With this, I'll leave you today; drop me a line in the comments below if you have any questions — have a wonderful rest of your day!


Love, Kiyo


Kiyo ❤
Artist | Literature
Hello, and welcome (:

Lady-Yume is the personal account of artist and writer Kiyo-Poetry. She is the creator of her own publications that combine imagery and words, like her illustrated art & poetry book, Dreamscape. She shares three visual poetry series online weekly; the Micro Poetry, Haiku and About Love Series. Mostly written in free-form, they are pieces inspired by nature, philosophy, day-to-day thoughts and emotions. Next to poetry, she also enjoys writing Poetic Prose in the shapes of micro fiction and short stories, her works sparked by the many facets of life, and often touched with a hint of fantasy.

On this account you’ll find more of her words; personal favourites from her Visual Poetry series, responses to prompts and contests, and it is also her base as current Founder of the Glory-Be-Project.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free – she’s always just a note away.


:bulletgreen: Musings from a Wildflower {micro poetry collection, vol. 01 / OUT NOW!}
:bulletgreen: Echoes from Another Time {a poetic short story}
:bulletgreen: Dreamscape; an illustrated journey in art and poetry {the visual edition}
:bulletgreen: Dreamscape; a poetic journey through life's encounters {the poetry only edition}
Daily Deviations:

:bulletgreen: Velvet Heights ~ chosen by akrasiel
:bulletgreen: Counting Stars ~ chosen by DorianHarper
:bulletgreen: Heart Sold. ~ suggested by chromeantennae, featured by inknalcohol

Daily Literary Deviations:

:bulletgreen: Fickle Flames and Dreamy Rooms ~ suggested by toxic--sunrise, featured by betwixtthepages
:bulletgreen: Siren Song ~ suggested by toxic--sunrise, featured by lion-essrampant
:bulletgreen: Boundless ~ suggested by chromeantennae, featured by LadyofGaerdon
:bulletgreen: Shipwrecked ~ suggested by imaginative-lioness, featured by lion-essrampant
:bulletgreen: Letters to a Memory ~ featured by SilverInkblot

Contest Winners and Honourable Mentions:

:bulletgreen: The Best of You {first prize winner in Live-Love-Write's the best of you contest}
:bulletgreen: Summer Greens {first prize winner in the-haiku-club's summer scents contest}
:bulletgreen: Sunlit Summer {honourable mention in MacroPoetry's seasons contest}
:bulletgreen: Morning Glory (day 6) {honourable mention in the-haiku-club's haikuwrimo}
:bulletgreen: Hanabi {second prize winner in the-haiku-club's Soma Nomaoi Festival contest}
:bulletgreen: Fallen Feather {first prize winner in HaikuWriMo's Week Two contest}
:bulletgreen: Look, She Blossoms {first prize winner in LadyLincoln's Spring Melodies contest}


Visit her also online at | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Goodreads


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