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Here are 15 basic screentones I made. Feel free to use it, but please, fav it if you download it, thanks


You can use the screentones to create an online comic/manga or in the commercial project which will be published by an official publisher. Either way don't forget to mention about the author which is me. You can put there just my nickname, 'Lady Werewolf', or nickname with the link to my dev page or my personal website ([link]). Thank you for understanding and good luck with your projects.
Have fun :)
PS - if you need any help, feel free to ask :)

.ZIP version


Gimp version:

© 2007 - 2021 Lady-Werewolf
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you're welcome :)

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thank you ///////////////

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Put a few of these in my octopushead comic.
Haven't tested them printed yet. I'm dreading the moire.

At some point I need to set up an attribution credits page.
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for some reason these dont work for gimp 2.8.20
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- Thanks you so much for uploading this ! <3 
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thanks  ^_^
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Do you have another location from which I can download these? I'm unable to do so from DeviantArt for whatever reason.
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taking this :)
thank you :D
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Thanks for this! I'm gonna be using it for a comic in an indie newspaper.
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thank you im going to use these from a comic that is being publish thanks ^^ill credit
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Thank you for making these~
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thaks a lot
very very helpful <3
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soo.. would these work in Manga Studio 5?
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thank you so much been looking for this for a while

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It says it's not the right kind of document.. is there any way to change this?
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Thanks a lot ! Exactly what I was searching for ;)
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Can this be used for photoshop? You didn't say so I am just confirming :)
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