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Yes, there are crossover pairings I like. I know some crossovers pairings don't make any sense or should never have happened but since it's fiction to begin with ah who cares.
Just one warning. If you create crossovers make sure they work together. Don't cross over something like say Inuyasha with Transformers because that wouldn't make the least bit of sense. Same with Teen Titans and Word World. That would just be weird.
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i have a lot of crossover ships, but i prefer to share them with people in my circle of trust
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DanTEHMan2001 Traditional Artist
Dexter and Blossom, anyone?
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Twinkie-BunsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I use this?
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I ship Negan from TWD and Sybill from Harry Potter! (Look at my Gallery)
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I ship Steven Universe and Mabel Pines 
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Crossover ships ftw!
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Do you have any crossover ships
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Yes, Negan from twd and Sybill Trelawney from Harry Potter, got a pic in my Gallery of them ! I got more Crackships of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, you can check out my Gallery ^^
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CreepyFriends1428Hobbyist General Artist
I ship Flaky_Good job and Blue Eyes from the reboot of Planet of the Apes ( there is not Blue Eyes emoticons Crying
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KaigunMontoyaStudent General Artist
Ryuko matoi (kill la kill) X Gurren Lagann: Simon GIF ICON 

This needs to be a Crossover OVA!!
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Yay crossover pairings! I mostly ship Raven from Teen Titans with other character's or Sakura from Naruto.
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KarlitaTerrazas14Student General Artist
yes, I like them too. Some more tha other, but I like nwn
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sassypeachqueenStudent Photographer
don't even stop me
Hyperdimension Neptunia Blanc Angry Icon x [ YURI ON ICE ] :Yuri Plisetsky: 
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Ravelax2000Student Traditional Artist
Smile  + Sakura Haruno (Blush) [V1] 
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I like Atem x Usagi >w<
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StickythefirebandStudent Artist
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XxRainBoomxXHobbyist Digital Artist
time to get some booty xFrisk the Fallen Child Icon 

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Tears-of-trinityHobbyist Digital Artist
My Choice of Crossover pairings:

Ichigo and the Butterfly  X inuyasha gif kagome 

Ichigo-SSA-emoteicon :iconishipthem-plz:inuyasha gif kagome 

this ship makes a lot of sense to me!!~:heart:
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PrinceOmariKubinStudent Digital Artist
Davis x Mabel XD
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ggchanHobbyist Photographer
My choice crossover pairings:

Mika Upset Icon x Nao Tomori Look Icon 

Yoichi Surprised Icon x Icon Kaori Miyazono [ #22 ] 

Kousei Arima Smile Icon x Haruka Nanami (Thank you very much) [V1] 

Homura Clapping Icon x [Icon] Kurumi Tokisaki 

Mirai Kuriyama (Smile) [V1] x Yuu Cool Icon 

don't ask O.o but I ship them both. I know some don't make sense so please don't bash me about it.
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The-Mad-WalkerHobbyist General Artist
My choice cross-pairings:

Allen-icon  X  Mami Smile Icon

Rin's Happiness  X  Kyoko Singing Icon 

Weird huh? :eyes:
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Fluttershy dance Fluttershy x Germany APH Germany Blushing 
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