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I finally finished Death Note xD I started like 10 months ago or something.
I don't like it that much, >>>SPOILARZZ VVVV

especially after L dies. Not that I like L that much, but he's better than Near xD

Luckily this amazing guy apears, Mikami Teru xD He's so awesome. I love goodlooking insane men xD

done in tegaki
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Yes, you are right. Mikami was the only thing I liked about the post-L era.
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Great pic! Fave!
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Ah Mikami and his LAZOR-pen. He is much more epic than Light because he has TWO LAZORS compared to Light' one. >w> And he's hella sexier! :D
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Good looking insane men; what a wonderful way to describe him. Great pic!
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Haha Teru was batshit insane. Gotta love 'im. It's so lame how in the dub they have him say "delete" and in the stupidest whiny voice possible.
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hahaha, I looked it up on youtube, and yeah, the dub sucks pretty much xD''
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Some the insanity bursting from my screen XD
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missunderstood, grumpy hotties ftw!!!
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ROFL, I just finished watching the last episode like, 10 minutes ago. I went to check on dA for Mikami Teru fanart; and the first that pops up is you on my dA-watch, lol. Stop reading my mind!

And boo for Death Note, since they managed to kill off both my favorite characters.
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ahaha xD I get that a lot, apparently I can read minds without noticing myself or something.

They killed my fav characters too )<
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I hate it when they do that! They did that in Full Metal Alchemist too. Though, thank goodness, he still lives in the manga >>

Now, all together please, a moment of silence for Mikami and Reiji (Namikawa-chaannnnn V_V...)
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Who in FMA?

And for Mello and Rem please xD
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Rem? Ehw, no. She scared the hell out of me! But Mello; yes. *silence*

And in FMA; Kimbleeeeeeeee..... How is he supposed to make love to Greed when he's dead!? BOOM! Heeeuuuuhhahaha.
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Family man Hughes' death didn't rip your heart out?
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His funeral kind of did, but I think the way he died was a bit meh. So sudden. He was a brave man though. Ahw, poor Hughes....
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omfg Kimblee, I love him!! <3333 gods, I hate Scar for killing him off Dx
And I can't wait till he re-appears in the manga <33 they haven't shown him for like 3 WHOLE CHAPTERS *twitch*

(but Rem is so sweet xD)
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