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men in suits are hawt part 4

The smugness that is Zolf J. Kimblee, FMA mangaverse (and FMA: Brotherhood).

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Kimblee is one sexy mutha fucka. 
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Great job.  I wanna take him home!
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Perfect smugness!
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Ah, Solf J. Kimblee, the Red Lotus Alchemist. Thy true name is 'Complete Monster'.

That said, I've always like the manga/Brotherhood better then the first anime; first anime Kimblee was basically a murderous nihilist. This version of Kimblee? A socially adept philisophizing sociopath that's SCARY AS HELL.

This is, after, a guy that would blow up an orphanage, laugh at the fire and gore rising up and want to take a picture of the baby guts lining the streets.

Funny enough, I've always thought of Kimblee as being sexually apathetic, if not averse to the whole thing. Kimblee always struck me as being one of those sociopaths that gets grossed out by the thought of such contamination or even...ew..having to TOUCH SOMEONE ELSE THAT WAY. Looked from this way, sexualizing him comes as a sadistic revenge for all the crap he put everyone through.

Of course, I am a Scar fan, and may be somewhat prejudiced.

Another reason he's scary? There's never an explaination for WHY he murders people and can't conceive of them as actual people. His childhood is a mystery. We don't know what he did before the Ishbal Extermination Campaign (which is one of the most gut-wrenching horrifying thing in fiction, period) and we don't know what influnced his decision. I've always this fit him; Kimblee shouldn't have a traumatic background. He ought not to have a reason for being a psychotic monster; he probably murdered his entire extended family on a whim and charmed people into taking care of him.
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eeeeek! <3 oh no, you have brought out my fangirliness! D:
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OWww!!! óÒ I love this!! =D
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I'm flying... then I see this picture, and suddenly, I'm falling <3
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wow, the detail and color are amazing!
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KIMBLEEEEEEE :heart:___:heart:

You've captured him magnificently :love:
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Yours is one of the sexiest Zolves I ever saw here on DA!!!
Seems that you took the best of Ayano Yamane/Masara Minase/Tsurugi Kai's styles!~~~:heart:
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OMG I love you just for drawing Kimblee!

AND drawing him good!

NO matter what eye color he has, he's always been sexy to me ever since he first showed up in the manga, and the first, and second anime. <33333

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The creases are SOOOO good! :heart:
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It's absolutely amazing. I love the look, I love the style and I love the scetchy colouring. <3
Well done. Careful though... he's a potential VERY likable dude... dude.
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Don't touch my things @@
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My Kimblee!!
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Ah, the Crimson Alchemist. He may have been a asshole, but damn was he cool.:-)
Awesome drawing.:D
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Except that he has golden eyes D:
lady-voldything's avatar
He has grey eyes in the 4th OP D:

Which is a shame, because I also prefer golden eyes.
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