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What is wrong with that child

hoppin around through the royal palace with a bug like it's friggin christmas D:<

tegaki <3
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Maybe Ozai's mother think about the same about him when he was a kid.

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Pretty accurate
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Ozai: I can't believe he is my son!
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How about you and your daughter look in the mirror Ozai, maybe then you'll what's actually wrong with you.
He's just fine according to himself.
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Just wait till he see's his daughter after her breakdown.
Nah, he probably already knew that was going to happen.
In other words, Ozai doesn't really give a fuck about his children. Once he's used them up, he discards them.
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Right, that's why I think the prophecy of Sozin's grandson and Roku's granddaughter is a lie.
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That's what ursa said about azula, right?
The parents were very opposite, I guess.
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he's happy.
unfortunately, you had to ruin it...
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There's nothing wrong w/ tht child, only you Ozai. Only you.
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Mmm,it is a normal child!How wicked!:iconironicplz:
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There are many things wrong with Zuko I'm afraid *sigh*
Much as I love him, his biggest mistake was probably picking Mai over Katara
Not that I love Katara or hate Mai, I just think Zutara makes more sense than Kataang

Oh where did Ozai go wrong . . .
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You had to bring ships into this. *sigh*
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i agree ships don't have to be brought into everything
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Hahah - Ozai & Zuko's counterpart to Ursa & Azula. Love it!
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Haha I love how you switched Ursa's quote about Azula with Ozai and Zuko. I knew someone had to have drawn the switch.
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