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What is this f..kery?

Canon characters' worst nightmare; a fangirl stuffing them together in a tiny little drawing, MUWHAHAHAHA :plotting:

Well, they should be happy I don't draw yaoi. :ignore:

Lines in tegaki, all the stuff around the drawing is a screenshot from tegaki (o rly?).
Coloured in photoshop; I didn't feel like struggling with the lack-of-layers of tegaki. xD

Trigun: Wolfwood & Midvalley, by the way ;D

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to feel guilty for doing fanart instead of gaian-avatar art or homework.
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Wolfwood looks like "What the hell is going on" and Midvalley just looks pissed. :iconlololplz:
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Awesome concept! I like the way you use all those fine lines to make their hair ^_^
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Too cute! XD One of fave pairings, even though this isn't yaoi. =p <3 Great job!!
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I vote on Yaoi :*D
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But deviantART won't let me post that >:
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Awww! Don't feel guilty...this is AWESOME!

I love it how you've used the Tegakie format as the frame for this piece...and I kinda share that annoyance for Tegakie's lack of layers...

I :heart: this
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This is exactly the reason why dev should have a "Fav-more-than-once"-option. @@
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