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Cute old couples aren't so cute anymore when they consist of your elderly mother and some random old guy you've never even seen before. :|

A:tLA & Photoshop
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I saw Hakoda's reaction and just started laughing. His expression is great.

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:giggle: Love old people love, after all this time they deserved second chance at love.
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This is great. I love this, I could so see this happening in the show somewhere.
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This never fails to make me laugh!  Great work, I absolutely love it! 

Also, I'm currently working on a Hakoda-centric story and Hakoda's expression here is exactly how I'd envisioned it for large parts of the story.  And so, with your permission, I was wondering if I could crop the image to a square around Hakoda to use as the cover image for my story?  I currently have only posted on, but I think I'll add my stories to deviantart as well in the future.  I would give you full credit in my story's disclaimers, as well as a full link to this page on my profile or in the story's description/disclaimers. 

Regardless, this is a great piece of art!
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Thank you! :D

Yes, you can use my art. Could you link the story to me? I'm interested to read it :D
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Thank you so much for letting me use this fantastic piece of artwork! 

And here's the link to the story, Laying Down the Law.  I hope you enjoy it!  I'm working on the fifth and final chapter right now, so hopefully it will be finished soon! 

Thanks again!
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I just got done reading your story and I must say it is officially my all time favorite ATLA story EVER! 
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Poor Hakoda.... lol. This is so perfect, haha XD
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Poor Hakoda! This is great!
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very good drawing btw
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The old flame has been reignited. But puppy love only looks good when the couple or "puppies". Poor Hakoda but you go Gran-Gran!
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This reminds me of 'The Ride Back' by Booter-Freak.
CHECK IT OUT, it's hilarious! XD
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Gran-Gran's got game. ;-)
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It could've been a WHOLE lot worse.
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this is great! love it!
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haha, poor Hakoda
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There are some things we don't want to think of our parents doing. :D
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Can't blame hakoda though I mean i'd probably be doing the same thing
if some old man came up to my mom and they started acting like that.
But I simply love the idea of this imagine how Sokka and Katara
wold react.
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lol. this. is. awesome.
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