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We Are Seven

We are seven, Arianne realized as they rode. She had not thought of that before, but it seemed a good omen for their cause.
Seven riders on their way to glory. One day the singers will make all of us immortal.
    -The Queenmaker, A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire)

    Garin, Orphan of the Greenblood
    'Spotted' Sylva Santagar
    Ser Gerold Dayne, 'Darkstar'
    Princess Myrcella Baratheon
    Princess Arianne Martell
    Ser Andrey Dalt, 'Drey'
    Ser Arys Oakheart

Lolno, Arianne. Lol. No.

Done in Photoshop.

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HuadanNox's avatar
Look at these beautiful fools doing foolish things (except for poor Myrcella)
Bealmeister's avatar
Can we have a spin-off AU story featuring these characters, please?
Great picture!
black-wolf-devil's avatar
That's exactly how I imagined Arys!
ValeviL-the-phoenix's avatar
Hi! Can I post it on my fanpage "game of thrones - italian fans"?!
highlandsoldier's avatar
arianne : you'll always be my favourite pov
i love darkstar (because he always be compared to arthur :D )
and arys, ser. i will always miss you ( i dont know why i laugh hard when areo cu** *(spoiler)** ***
amazing art btw.
annieangie's avatar
This is awesome, and so is the fact that y'know, they're Dornish, and brown :)
minime41191's avatar
This is wonderful!
SpacePirate815's avatar
That group definitely deserves more fanart.
DarklyWhite's avatar
Darkstar looks like a trustworthy guy him.
TheAnswer-FortyTwo's avatar
Arys... I felt more sad when you died than Catelyn and Robb. You will be missed.
scrumpleberry's avatar
Oh god this picture has given me a terrible case of the sads. Perfect faces!
ckt's avatar
DId you do each of them individually or did you make them separately? They all look very good. Gerold Dayne has shorter hair then I imagined, but then again this is your interpretation and I like them all very much specially Myrcella and Arianne.
lady-voldything's avatar
It's all drawn directly into the same drawing. :)
Gerold's hairlength tends to vary in my drawings I noticed xD I don't know, it's described as 'falls to his collar', I assume that's somewhere along his neck. If it was shoulderlength it would have been described that way, I think? Or is that the same? :O_o:
Anyway, thank you! ^^
Deviss-SOA's avatar
I'd ask why you say that... but I fee like I should wait 'til I get to AFfC... Which I'm getting closer to, I'm in the mid-800's for ASoS.
Albaharu's avatar
very great one *_* no so many people draw them :3
xXAmiraXx's avatar
This is really cool
EscapeArtistSwyer's avatar
This is so beautiful. The colour palettes are brilliant. Some of these characters have never been drawn before, I swear. So thanks for that too. I'm on my third re-read and I've told myself to pay attention to the Dornish this time.
JikuuMoogle's avatar
Well drawn as always :) can't wait to see guy #3 on TV /rawr
lady-voldything's avatar
Thanks! :D I'm secretly hoping they will cut him from the tv show, just so they won't be able to butcher him
IdesOstara's avatar
This is great! You got all of their looks and expressions just right! And I really love what you did with the colors.
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