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Toph tops

For :iconjalf:'s birthday, which was yesterday!

Today is actually my birthday xD [/sidenote]

Done in Photoshop and lol@anatomyfail again :D
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She is crazy.
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Heehee, Zuko <3
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lo, take THAT Zuko!!!
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Haha, awesome^^
FollowingStars's avatar
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :party: Love Toph's expression :D
things24's avatar
lol this is so cute and true :D
toulon2342's avatar
OMG Me next! I wish I was Zuko.
Moonlight200's avatar
Toph totally rules! xD
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I have a hard time believing she could beat him... if she threw boulders at him, I think he'd turn them to magma before they actually connected.
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You do know how much heat, and over what period of time, it takes to make rocks molten?

I have a hard time believing any firebender could beat an earthbender one-on-one. O_o Earth is so . . . solid . . . and flame is so . . . unsubstantial.
TheSmashArtist's avatar
Don't go bringing your real-world logic into cartoons...
MetellaStella's avatar

But seriously, the way Fong just sucked Katara into the ground?

Maybe it's just 'cause he's a specifically talented earthbender . . . else all other benders (besides maybe air) would be thrice screwed.
TheSmashArtist's avatar
It would take a hell of a lot of H2O, CO2H20, or ArNeCH4CO2N2O2 to stop a big boulder, that's for sure. But, Earthbenders are flammable, need Hydrogenless Oxygen to breathe, and will die on impact if dropped from a height of 547 feet or greater. Their forms and stances also make them better targets.
MetellaStella's avatar
"will die on impact if dropped from a height of 547 feet or greater"

Why do I find that so amusing? :XD: :confused: I guess they really *are * the only benders who don't have much of a defense from falling. Besides waterless waterbenders, of course.

Why are they better targets? Because they have deeper stances? (per Korra's training with Bolin?)
TheSmashArtist's avatar
It was meant to be humorous.

The deeper stance of the Earthbender means less agility. If the other-element bender figures out the Earthbender's timing, the Earthen one will be six feet under.
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Though, Toph did do that awesome trick where she "ran" with earth. I wonder how that'd figure into a fight? Maybe she can only do it when she builds up momentum, or else it's awkward . . .
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ROFL! Yep, that's Zuko and Toph's pwntastic relationship to a tee.
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Let me guess... Zuko's legs are safely kept underground so Toph can be sure he won't go anywhere?
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Zuko appears to be missing legs. lol Great pic very funny.
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ha ha! Zuko you loser. Great job on the face, it really portrays utter defeat.
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I love Toph. She's adorable and awesome.
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