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The Moonlight Knight

Berserk; Locus the Moonlight Knight. I'm still not sure whether he's my favourite character, or Griffith.

He's so coooool *.* and so awesoooome *.*
And I wanna know his true nature xD I'm not buying all the friendly apostle-stuff. Not from any of those Band of the Hawk-apostles.
Those humans who follow Griffith are gonna be pwned hard once Griffith gets what he wants.

Anyway, boring portrait, yeah, I know, artist-block, don't blame me. xD

Done in Tegaki.
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Outstandingly drawn, but I think that the composition would be better if he had free space in front of his face, not behind...
I really like the style.
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Oh lawd I need to get back to Berserk.

I'm such a fan of Guts. XD Him and his crazyness.
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o0o0o he's pretty :drool:
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Locus is immensely cool isnt he!

I think this is a really cool pic and i love the technique you have used :)