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The Earliest Death Eaters

My entry for the FanArt Challenge on our Dutch Harry Potter forum. This month the theme was groups. So I've drawn this little group that gets mentioned in HBP, chapter 'Lord Voldemort's request': Mulciber (older one), Dolohov, Nott (older one) and Rosier (older one).
All the other entries are quite static, so I decided to draw a group in 'action'.
And inni' cute, Death Eaters having innocent fun :D

done in photoshop
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I love your Rosier - he is sexy. But your Nott it's... it's... epic fail.
ianxfalcon's avatar
I love this! We Death Eater fans always gets the best fanart, yay for us!
AlleySkywalker's avatar
Nott's face makes me wonder what exactly ey're doing there. Lol.
Love it!
141188's avatar
Wow. Dolohov looks goooooooooooooooood.
TaijiyaSango004's avatar
The word which fits perfectly this picture is: "xD"

Love it!
ElvisJesse's avatar
so sexy!! hmm, I wonder if I should get this checked out? calling Death Eaters sexy?? nah!! Bring them on!
Th1nk-G33k's avatar
*snicker* Voldie wouldn't be pleased.

"NO FUN ALLOWED! Only pain and death and suffering!"
zsoly's avatar
Waow, another death eater artins! You know :iconmadcarrot:.
Amazing work. I like these works because from the books you don't get enough information about the bad guys...
MalfoyFanatic's avatar
i love death eaters! this ones look soo precious..<33
ilani's avatar
WOAH! this is frickin awesome. i never took the time to imagine what rosier might look like since he's already dead from the beginning. but u made him look dashing! heheh. and u missed out avery. cz i remember in the chapter where slughorn asked him to finish off his homework. lol. again, awesome job!
Blacks-Bitch's avatar
Hay... I've been a bad girl... Not responding to this art. TSK!

Okay... I totally LOVE the idea, I LOVE the originality of the picture and scene, I LOVE the colouring and I secretly LOVE the way Evan's dada looks like! He looks totally awesome!

And I like the idea we both drew our fave RPG people, throwing stuff, for the contest.
Dingbat142001's avatar
Damn their hot! But of course they are, they're Death Eaters ;) Esp. Rosier and Mulciber ;)
aquarius991's avatar
Wow....It's really fantastic!!!!0_0
I think I'm gonna fav!!!I love the first group of deatheaters too.^0^
If you're intrested, I've done some fanarts about them.^^
Blutsauger's avatar
Nott's face is priceless. priceless I say! XD
privee's avatar
love it! they all look really happy and so innocent :D
Mangakatz's avatar
This made me laugh for some reason...
DamaVerde's avatar
Just I love your arts...
lady-voldything's avatar
ah that's so sweet.. thank you! it's very much appreciated
inisangelous's avatar
Awesome picture! I love Dolohov's jacket
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