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Tea part 2


Angryteenangst!Ozai & younger!Iroh
This is OFFICIALLY the first time I've drawn Iroh. AND IT'S DIFFICULT. D:
So, yeah, A:TLA, and Photoshop as usual.
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Is it me or grumpy young Ozai looks and actes solo much like Zuko ? XD

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Well, it's implied that that's the case in canon, which is why Ozai hates Zuko: He sees too much of himself in Zuko, both physically and in personality.

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Where was that implied? Not to sound skeptical, I just didn't pick up on it.

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-Ozai looks like an older, scarless Zuko.

-Both Ozai and Zuko are short-tempered and humorless.

-Azulon favored Iroh due to the latter being the more successful kid, while treating Ozai with neglect. Sounds like how Ozai favored Azula over Zuko, isn't it?

-Ozai once tried to find and capture the Avatar just like Zuko would do, but failed.

Basically, Ozai lacks the guidance from people like Iroh and Aang, hence him turning out the way he is. Zuko is who Ozai used to be, Azula is who Ozai wishes to be.

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Ah, okay. Yeah, that makes sense.

So Ozai was an angry jerk too.

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How old is Ozai here?
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How old are they here?
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Iroh: What did you say brother?
Ozai: *looks at Iroh's dark aura* I
Iroh: *Looms over him* I think you said you'd be pleased to have some tea and that you would also like to play some Pai Sho.
Ozai: O-of course. That's exactly what I said...
Iroh: *grins* good, let me get the board. Don't move, ok brother? *glares*
Ozai: *Nods and sips his tea as Iroh walks out* The dragon awakened...*He shivers* Curse you Iroh!

never miss with iroh
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Ozai: Go bother someone else
Iroh: *cries*:crying: rvmp 
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I can see it happening lol
Ozai: "since you're clearly not grasping the fact that I'm allergic, then..."

quite great!
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Iroh- many tea's have different ingredients, and you cannot be allergic to ALL of them! Unless you are allergic to hot water, which cannot be possible.
Young Ozai looks just like Zuko , but without a scar.
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Gettin' a "Thor an' Loki" vibe here...
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:iconozaiplz: "We are NOT doing 'get help'!"
:iconirohplz: "Do you have a better plan?"
:iconozaiplz: "No."
:iconirohplz: "We're doing it."
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"You will drink this tea. You will enjoy it."
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Oh boy, Ozai's in for it now. No one responds to Iroh's tea with an insult!
Ozia's just jealous because he will never be as great as Iroh.
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Seriously the man is one the greatest failures in the history of fictional villains. First his own farther doesn't want him to be Fire Lord, then he needs his wife to make him Fire Lord, then he banishes his son for being so loyal he takes a fire ball to the face, then he fails to conquer the north pole and almost destroys the world in the process, then he needs his daughter to conquer Ba Sin Sa for him because his "brilliant" plan of using a giant drill fails, finally he drives his daughter into insanity, his son to betray him, and losses a fight to 12 year old boy.
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He should put that all on his resume for employment of Failure Inc.
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He should put that all on his resume for employment at Failure Inc. 
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