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Something tells me Ozai didn't like Lu Ten very much. And something also tells me Lu Ten didn't really give a shit.

Done in Photoshop.

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This is brilliant. Have a fav.

lol Lu Ten the troll lord

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Ozai REALLY wants to say something mean, but he knows if he does Iroh will burn his face off. So he merely says “I’m not thirsty” and walks off.
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This drawing is so accurate that it hurts lol

Ozai: No. No. I will not suffer my brother twice!
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The image definition of perfection!! rofl Lu Ten is SO his father's son XD
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Your comment in the description about them was funny as hell.
I always thought Ozai had something to do with Lu Ten's fate -_-

This is how Zuko would have been if Lu Ten survived...I'm sure he would have been taken under his wing. All hail fire lord Lu Ten!!
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His growl was that of an engine.
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ozai's growl probably sounds like a motor boat :P
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Your accuracy of this moment astounds me lol. 
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I agree with your P.S. As soon as I'm done with my Ozai/Zuko sharpie masterpiece, I'm going to draw something with Lu Ten in it.
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i myself are more of a hot coco dude myself
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I agree and love how that sentiment came through loud and clear in your art.
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Ozai:...Is it Jasmine?
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Troll-Ten rocks!
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TEA! it is a hobby for all the fire royal family....LOL
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Like father like son
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Ozai's like that guy who hates cats, then goes to a party at a house that has a cat.  Which, of course means he's the guy the cat pays all its attention to.

Lu Ten is the cat.
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I don't know you, and you don't know me, and I realize this is from a long time ago... but I was scrolling underneath this drawing after already laughing at it, and I just want you to know that your comment here made me laugh so hard all over again. Thank you for the huge giggle! :XD:
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I agree so much with this!
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Still so howt but what a jerk...... maybe if he got a bj once and a while he wouldn't be such a butthead
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He was married, remember?  He had that luxury.  He got rid of the woman.
kappalizzy's avatar
he has flings on the side I bet
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