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D'ahhhw, Azula is such an adorable kid

Avatar: the Last Airbender
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I’m reading baby Azula’s voice as the same one as Mandy. 
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I'm imagining it Izma's voice after she was turned into a cat 
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15 years later...
"If only I could have foreseen the day Azula would turn out to be a crazy sociopath!"
"I hate you so much, Cousin Lu."

(No, this couldn't happen. It's your fault for using a dead character.)
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This probably happened at some point though I suspect Lu Ten was more than he seemed to most people. Like his father he probably had a kind heart but a sharp mind, his appearing 'weak' was probably an act XD He could have become greater than Iroh. Ozai was just jealous. 

That's right Lu Ten kill them with kindness

Lu Ten: I think Azula need nap time!
Azula: *glare*
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Azula is creeping me out......Avatar Azula 
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He's too used to her dad, lol!
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Cute baby Azula :la:
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Probably happened 
Azula is kinda cute for a demon baby. . .
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Little Azula looks creepy but cute lol.
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Personally I think Azula is probably more like a young Iroh than Ozia. Thing about it, they are both military geniuses, both are fire bending prodigies, both where favored by their dads, and both conquered Ba Sin Sa. Ozia on the other had was hated by his farther, never accomplishes anything on his own, needed his wife to put him on the throne, and got beat up by a twelve year old. Honestly if it turned out Azula was actually Iroh's daughter I wouldn't be that surprised. 
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oh,come on~~~it's funny~~~~i like it~~~~LOL
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I wouldn't be surprised if this actually happened.
Iroh may have failed to have captured Ba Sin Sa but at least he was actually doing somethimg. Ozia was learning how to get his butt kicked by a bald twelve year old monk. 
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Hes just like Iroh
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Lu Ten you might want to be careful around that little girl...
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Um that's........yeah
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I think Stuie should hang out with her lol
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