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Sirius n Regulus

Blacky and the Centipede (oh gods, don't ask xD), or Sirius and Regulus, for :iconblacks-bitch:

Also a part of our little MSN rpg, see previous drawing.

Done in photoshop.

Background is actually a photo :iconblacks-bitch: took

And I've never actually drawn a body from the side without cheating (as in, only drawing the outlines), so I had a really tough time with that xD
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exactly how I pictured them, Sirius with slightly longer hair though. I love it :D
TrueImmortality's avatar
You make them look related! Yay!
wotmaniac17's avatar
I love how Regulus is glaring at him and at Sirius's little half smirk. It's a kind of smile that I would expect Sirius to have! :)
wotmaniac17's avatar
ahhhh!!!!!!!! why do I keep seeing Damon Salvatore in pics of young Sirius!!!! it's driving me nuts!!!! but it's beautiful at the same time... :P
wotmaniac17's avatar
he just looks soooo much like Damon to me for some reason!!!!
RoosterBlue's avatar
Your style is absolutely gorgeous! I am shocked you have so few comments. Man! :heart:
Hoorah!! I love you and your dedication for depicting those Black brothers. I also love how you have Reg wearing some ruffled collar thing. Because he totes would. Looking forward to the next one!
SevenVeilsSalome's avatar
Mmm, delicious Blacks.
I like how they look so similar but with the little differences that hint at their vastly different personalities.
batcii's avatar
I was actually just doodling these two.
They're so effing cool.
nemuitenshi's avatar
airagorncharda's avatar
Very nice. I like how they actually look like brothers.
Good work with their hairstyles, and with Regulus's clothes. They both look really handsome. ^-^
viria13's avatar
regulus looks SO damn sexy:XD:
Blacks-Bitch's avatar
I love you!!!

Ah- my favourite HP boys def. I know it's so very, very wrong to like them both but I can't help it. They're both equally intriguing and special... I love you for this!!!
I love the way you made them look so much like each other, that they could hate their own looks for it. Except for the little eye detail of course. <3
And it makes me laugh how that blue jumper keeps returning in all it's marvellous varieties, haha! And I utterly love Regulus' pose. Very... introvert. Just perfect.
Oh, and did I mention that I love you?

Thank you so much!!! *puts it on her wallpaper*
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