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Peacocks part 4

Based on Deathly Hallows.

Lucius and his peacock ^__^

Done in Photoshop
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Omg freaking awesome  love this
Lucky peacock.:iconpeacockplz:
Imagine Draco or Narcissa or the Death Eaters seeing Lucius being all sweet and tender with the peacock.
Glorilian's avatar
HAHAHAHAAAA.... I loooooooooooove it!
EmpressBrennan's avatar

And that, from a Lucius Malfoy fangirl!

The-Observant-Nerd's avatar
Lucius has a peacock? for not knowing..D:...I fail because I started reading the Harry Potter series months ago..and I'm only on Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azkaban...)
thewolfwithicyeyes's avatar
Peacocks.... plural...
thewolfwithicyeyes's avatar
no ur okay i was just saying yes he has many peacocks.
RubbishMe's avatar
You just love to abuse his peacocks don't you? Brilliant! I like this one the best out of all your peacock pictures! =)
VSinclair's avatar
That's what he does when he's alone. :O I know it. I see through you Lucius Malfoy -.-
alchemical-disaster's avatar
Eee! That's completely adorable! :heart:
Silvercresent11's avatar
OMFG.....HAHAHAHAHAHA! :rofl: Priceless! I loooove it! :D *faves*
drama-s's avatar
Zoals Yaxley zegt: "He allways did himself well, Lucius. Peacocks.."

Geweldig gedaan!
meerle's avatar
hee klasgenote xD soort van

vet dat je hier ook zit! ik zag dat je gister zon Deviantwear vest aanhad dus ik denk die zoek ik even op :lol:
supertof werk hier! Deze is echt geniaal hahaha

oja, ik ben Merel trouwens, mja ik zit hier dus ook enzo...kom nog wel eens langs hier! duug! :]
lady-voldything's avatar
Cool xD Waar mn vest al niet goed voor is (a)

*gaat bij jou kijken*
meerle's avatar
haha jaa, ik had er nog nooit een gezien irl, tof!

ohnoes xD
itsboona's avatar
Haha, geniaal ^^
kyuketsuki45's avatar
Now this is high quality entertainment :lol:
Wihahahahaha, weirdo ;)
Bewitcher14's avatar
soo good!
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