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PMS-BENDING, something Katara is very good at. Geez, she has a crazy, bloodthirsty temper, this little 14 year old girl. And you thought Azula was bad.

And today (southern raiders) she topped it all. That comment she made at Sokka about their mom? I was all 'wtf?!'.

And finally something in photoshop!
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No man from any natn is safe
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...that should be the new coin phrase for angry water tribe women.....
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nvm... LOOOL period bending... ewwe
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Wait till the chocolate's all gone.
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Haha I wish all girls could PMS bend. that way we could just stop bleeding and get it overwith
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._____. I don't know how "PMS" mean, but I like your drawing! =D
In this episode Katara ROCKS!
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:D ahahahaha good one
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Wow,what a luck,I am a PMS-bender too!:P
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YES! That is Katara. ;)
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i absolutely loves when she went all badass on that old guy.
what do you mean that comment she made at sokka about their mom?
i just dont kknow exactly which quote youre talking about
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Man, if I was a water bender, I would so bend all the blood out and get it over with HUZZA
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Seriously! There needs to be a way to bend it out of your body and get all the nasty blood out!
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I need to borrow Katara...
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Let's go Katara Hunting
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Yep. OK you'll dress up like Aang and I'll set the trap
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lol! yes, that would be very convenient
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This is the most I've laughed all day, thank you xD
Instant fav :+fav:
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