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Ozai and Azula

Tegakiiiiiiii, I love you

damn, I can't draw hands today. (which happens very frequently)

Anyway, Ozai and Azula
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Say what you want about Azula and her dad, but you have to love their relationship together. 
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Awww ozai showing his cute side
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O.M.G. this is so freaky this a peace of writing from my notebook from to months ago

(....anoni cased her new happy grandfather around the pond til finely she jumped and was wrapped in a big hug he was suddenly reminded of when azula used to do the same thing....)
that was scary anoni is azulas daughter in my head canon she resembles her in every way exept grey eyes and air bending the vision in my head and this are so alike its creepy
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Zuko die at the hands of if he slightly brushed passed Ozai.
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after the finale I can see why zuko never deserved any of this.
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It's nice seeing pictures like these. They remind me that Ozai is a father. Not a good father, mind you, but a father nonetheless. Great Job.
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See if that was actually accurate...then Azula wouldn't be the ammoral sadist we know and love. lol.

Very nice thought though, well done! :)
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awww sweet<3
*dies of cuteness*

i like how you colored your picture :D
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This is so cute! I <3 little Azula!

check out my gallery! [link]
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"Yes, my cute little pawn. You'll be the finest killing machine in Fire Nation history. *Kefka laugh*"
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Oh gosh, that's so adorable!! Yay for evil-people love!! :dance:
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awww, so cute. and btw, love your name. Voldy-thing. :D
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this is soo cute:love:
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awww sweet!!!!!
too bad there really evil!
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I think that makes em even more awesome ;D

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hmmm... true!!!!
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Aww! Lookit the cute little mini-psycho and her crazy daddy. It's tyranny at its most adorable!
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hahaha xD yes it is <3
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this pic sure is a nice break from the usual azula hate art
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