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Asdfghjkl~ I just had to draw him~ Firelord Ozai from Avatar: The Last Airbender
Hawtest guy in the Firenation <3

Still suffering from an artistblock, that's why he's just standin there like 'hi! I'm the firelord and I smirk, how are you? tea?'

Drawn n coloured in my pal, photoshop.
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This is how Ozai should look like in real life.

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Hmm. Looking all majestic and intimidating. 
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so intimidating.  Good work.
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I have to agree with you. I used to think Zuko was hot, and then they finally showed Ozai's face. ♥
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a skit my friend :icondrawitbig: wrote called school black out, based on an actual event at school with my math teacher when we were in math together

ozai: calm down calm down it's just a black out

cute little girl:may we go home early?

ozai: *calmly* no

cute little girl: please mr ozai?

ozai: *angry* NO!

cute little girl: but it's a black out, how can we have class

ozai: *calm* do you want me to execute your family hmm?

cute little girl: *scared* no

ozai: theres your answer
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I remember that!
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anyway, please text everyone to meet at 325 sylvan rd tomorrow at 11:00-1:00, we are having rehersal at my house, also, wanna hang out right now? i'm completely free today
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I've got errands to run right now but I'll see what I can go.
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yay, message me when your ready, want me to get u or will your mom drop you off, also, i sent emails to the acting team to meet tomorrow at my house
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The resemblance between him and lill' Zuzu is uncanny... 
They may look alike but Zuzu is far less of a loser than Ozy. After all his own farther didn't want him to become Fire Lord, he need his wife to make him Fire Lord, failed to capture the North Pole and nearly destroyed the moon in the process, tried and failed to capture Ba Sin Sa with a giant drill and only a giant drill since we see no army or any other siege weapon, drove his totally loyal son into betraying him, drove his daughter insane, and his plan to destroy the Earth Kingdom would have failed anyways since there is no way those blimps could move fast enough nor would he have enough to accomplish the job before the comet left.
But art work is amazing. Good job.
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I HATE that guy, but your drawing is wonderful :)
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haha, that guy, your comment is very funny
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Really well done, I love the eyes.

Damn it, why does Ozai have to be so evil but so damn sexy?!
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I think it's on purpose. Filmmakers love giving us sexy villains because it makes us morally conflicted.
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yeah. my thoughts exactly. :P
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The main reasons why this is one of my favorite villains is his apearance being good looking, yet scary at the same time, and him being voiced by my favorite voice actor next to Mako (RIP oh, great one), Mark "Joker" Hamill! If you listen to his laugh, you can definately hear Joker in there.

Even though I agree with you that he's just standing there, you should revisit this and ad him grinning with fire coming out of his nose or something.
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*Fangirling* *Frothing at the mouth* So HAWT!
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Do you mind if I use this picture in a little video I'm making honoring AtLA fan art? I will make sure to give you credit. :)
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*snicker* He should be, if he's leading a whole country of people with a fire theme.
But yeah; he looks pretty damn good in this painting. I especially like the lips and intense eyes.
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He looks young in this. Maybe 20- ish?
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