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OotP: Sirius

Sirius Black during OotP. Drawn for an Order of the Phoenix fanart challenge on our lovely Dutch HP forum.

I chose not to colour it, because I thought it would screw the whole thing up. I like the sketchyness.

I know his arm's broken in 20,000 places and there's no logic anathomy about it, but hell, I don't care :D

Drawn in photoshop.
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yep, the arm is definietly broken, but his face makes me forget the arm :D great job, he looks like he is suppose to!
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Great version, very much like I picture him :)
Beloved-Blackrose's avatar
I've been looking at pics. of Sirius and thise is one of the best.
[I'm so in love with him]
Morloth88's avatar
Wow, you made Sirius look Oh so Handsome.
hanan-alkarargy's avatar
he s soo handsome n ...
sirius is my fav.
JebOfADown's avatar
Very nice love his eyes

I hate when you do a really good picture and you go to colour it in and then it looks weird - you end up throwing it in the bin
GothShelle's avatar
Wow look at those sexy Sirius "Come hither" eyes!
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Great Sirius picture! I love it!
LostAgness's avatar
:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: so handsome!!! wonderful work!!!
Blacks-Bitch's avatar
I love it.

You've got the expression just right, it's dinamic and the fact you didn't colour it adds to the roughness of Sirius himself.
It's perfect. :)
lady-voldything's avatar
Your approval is the biggest compliment I could possibly get on this one, thank you <3
Blacks-Bitch's avatar
^^ YOU'RE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
idajorsing's avatar
Ooh i really like this one!!! My favourite character :love:
His eyes looks sharp adventurous mischievous and just very sirius :D
brilliant sketch
Nachan's avatar
oooh, so nice! the sketchy effect it's great!^^
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