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OotP: Dollyyy- ahem, Antonin

The other side of the 'Ootp: Sirius'; Antonin Dolohov. Oh gods, I just love the part when the 2 of them are duelling in the Department of Mysteries :D

I know this one is a bit darker and rougher. I did that by accident, but I think the darkness adds to Dolly's personality, so I didn't correct it after I compared it with Sirius.

Done in Photoshop.
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Oh...I thought this was Sirius! Because that's how I imagine him looking, exactly!
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I quite like your version of Dolohav. 
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Don't you want to make him coloured? ;)
And here he is, mister Dolohov in all his beauty! I imagine him in the same way. Thank you and... please, draw more! There's so many artworks for Harry Potter and so little artists which can picture my favourite Death Eaters GOOD. 'Good' means - as i prefer to see them xD
Thank you very much again! You and MadCarrot are the best for me ever.
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You make Dolohov look hot!
MalfoyFanatic's avatar
gorgeous! deatheaters rule!!! <3 (i'm crazy, i kno..)
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Oh baby. Antonin, you're pointing the wrong wand at me.

Gosh, I'm so hilarious at 5 in the morning.
lady-voldything's avatar
I know that feeling :D
madcarrot's avatar
*inappropriate sniggering*

He's a good boy. ... Only, not.
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Like it! The other half was missing, wasn't it? ;)
lady-voldything's avatar
thanks poo <3

yeah, it was burning in my fingers
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Uhuhuhuh! Antonin! :heart:
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