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Oh hai thar

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Livio and Elendira, Trigun~

Another case of fangirl stuffing two characters together in a drawing.
And yeah, I know, they fight each other near the end of the series and blah blah. But pre-hippiefied Livio is a lot cuter than hippiefied Livio. And his response to a flirting Elle would be a lot more awkward and cute. xD

...but the moment Elle is all bloody and dead and on top of Livio is still damn hot, though.
Poor sod.

Lines in Tegaki E, rest of it in Photoshop.

And gods, I hate colouring blonde hair xD Dark hair ftw! *hops over to Wolfwood and Midvalley* Team brunette, yay!
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I love you for drawing this. No, seriously.
hee! This is my headcannon for how Livio and Elendira acted before shit went down, since Livio was so quiet and Elendira enjoyed teasing EVERYONE without a care for how they'd react, but I bet she particularly enjoying teasing Livio because he would try hard not to react but end up blushing anyway. Meanwhile, Razlo would be rolling his eyes haha~

....Elle dead on top of Livio was also really hot.