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Not so happy, actually. part 1


Avatar: the Last Airbender
Done in Photoshop

And yes, the sequel is in the making
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And thetas why Ozai hates Zuko
fanfics4ever's avatar
You know, you could wait a few minutes and THEN ursa will head to the Bea h house with you. Besides, she can ask Lu Ten to watch the kids while she's over there.
so thats why ozai hates zuko so much he kept getting cock blocked
ladyblackbird13's avatar
Sooo this is the truth about how Ozai got all evil and stuff? :I
pizzawizz's avatar
LOL poor ozai!!!!!!!!!!
CrimsonTheif's avatar
Zuko you c*ck block you XD 
fanfics4ever's avatar
it's gonna take like, 5 minutes at the most. Ursa can ask Lu Ten while she's over there, so 2 birds, 1 stone.
Dark-Anmut's avatar
Lol, just like on The Simpson, where Homer's like: "FFF--!!"

Excellent artwork, by the way. ^^
Beast2Beauty's avatar
so thaaatss y he doesn't like zuko. zuko kept c*ck Blockin him!!
fanfics4ever's avatar
Ozai, she'll be back in a few minutes... seriously, calm down...
Equestrian-Equine's avatar
That was so perfect. XD
bbb35's avatar
Oh Now...See, I think I can see where the Hostility might have come from.....Very Sad.
Ghadioforce's avatar
Ozai. I ll kill the brat!
Phoenixkade120's avatar
This is VERY FUNNY!?!?!? LOVE ITT!!!
ChristinaNovika's avatar
That's why Ozai hates Zuko :D :D :D
DupreeRose's avatar
Kids will do that to you. I feel bad for Ozai, I know how that is. This is too funny.
Matereya's avatar
HAHAHAHA OMG I laughed so hard!! XDDD
This is perfect, I can totally see it happening, you've just made my day :D
......I'm still laughing :XD:
fanfics4ever's avatar
whos says that afterwards she won't aks Lu Ten what she was going ot ask and THEN you guys head off to the house, eh, Ozai?
MasamiHayato's avatar
Hmm.. maybe this is why Azula is supposedly evil(she was made out of "I hate Zuko"sex from Ozai's part at least) XD XD
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