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Magical Ramsay

Ramsay Bolton as magical girl, with Reek as his animal sidekick.

Birthday present for ~RedJeyne <3

Done in Photoshop.

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This hurts looking at more than getting skinned alive
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is Ramsay dressed like that to fuck with reek's mind?
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*sparkle sparkle*
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This is fucking magnificent.
hawk8173's avatar
lets face it even dressed like that he'd be one of the scariest guys in westeros. 
ProofrockPilchard's avatar
Congratulations, you have just given me nightmares. :XD:
indhi's avatar
jus focus on the fact that Theon/Reek is a cute squid with a bow XDDDD!
ProofrockPilchard's avatar
That made me feel much better. :D
hmsfailure's avatar
I may be hating his guts, but he knows how to wear pink, I'll give him that.
wikigiuli's avatar
my eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

can't stop laughing
Apohermion's avatar
I fully support this <3
3208's avatar
That is so horrible it is awesome! xD I love Reeks sad face in the background xD
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This is probably the most horrifying piece of asoiaf fanart I've ever seen. It's brilliant!
TErock95's avatar
D: seems like I won't be able to sleep tonight...
HollowCake's avatar
Haha what the fuck xD cuute<3
Carol-chann's avatar
I can't stop laugh now! xD
My eyes! My fucking eyes...they burn!
KelpyKrad's avatar
emeraldgreenskyline's avatar
I absolutely hate the Boltons, but I do so love this!
kethryn's avatar

:D :D :D
I love this, I have just started the reek chapters in ADWD, and then remembered this piece of yours I saw on galleryofthrones. It's perfect, Ramsey is such a nasty @#!%*//, and this picture really exposes his rediculousness.
BelsanEmpress's avatar
Brilliant! I love Reek's face XD
ckt's avatar
this is so wrong. I love it.
MissUtahraptor's avatar
Gods! I'll have horrible nightmares!
Good work! =D
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