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Livio the Double Fang

Even moaaaarrr Trigun

Livio the Double Fang: he's so cute >.< oh may gawd.
...Until he gets all hippie-fied. D:<

done in Tegaki
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Looks more like Beyond the Grave.
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I love the sketchy feel you kept. Stayed true to the Trigun art. *thumbs up*

Livio is awesome. Though he kills my favourite character, he quickly becomes runner up.
When you say 'hippie' do you mean when he cuts his hair and get all 'Zorro' like? ..cuz I love him that way..^^'
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hippie fied.. LMAO.. i love livio in all shapes and sizes. because i'm insane, and i love drawings.
VrRyoko's avatar

I love that stare of his, I really, honestly do.

And whaddya mean he gets "hippie-fied"? o.O
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Well he gets all goody goody, and he sort of neglects his looks, that's so hippie xD
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Nice work, especially on his hair and face :)
Though, it would be nice to see some more wrinkles and stuff on the coat--I'm not familiar with the character, but it looks like he's wearing a leather jacket? One of the defining traits of leather is the way it forms deep creases everywhere (This is emphasized by its shininess) :)
Also, if you pretend you had drawn him naked (...Not to say that you should do that), in this pose, you would see that his neck is... Too long. To fix it, I think his arm should just be a little higher up there :)
Other than those two things, good job! :clap:
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This has got to be the longest comment I've ever had xD!

Thanks for the tips <3 I appreciate em
FelixKilldeer's avatar
Haha, yeah, I do tend to be rather wordy XD

Oh, you're welcome! ^^
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