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Knives does not approve of your human mistakes.

Doodle in Tegaki. I'm trying to kick the Trigun-tag up xD

I actually didn't like Knives in the Anime. But in the Manga, I think he's pretty awesome. Moarr awesomesauce powahzz & a better reason to be that crazy xD
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That is amazing! You made him look so straight faced it isn't even funny. xDD But I love that.
Yeah, Knives was alot cooler in the Manga then the Anime. he was a Creep in the Anime, mostly I think because he didn't get to really voice his reasons. It was all from vash's Point of View.

AWESOME ANYHOW!! :heart: ^^
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........*trying to be serious*.................
....*can't hold it in any longer* PFFFT! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! XDDDD
I'm sorry! I can't help it! That expression cracks me up soo much XDDD
If that were a real Knives I'd be sooooooooo dead XDDD
Love it XDDD
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I didn't like him either. He's lame..
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you should read the manga xD
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as I should do a lot of other things...
life's too short
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