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Jaqen H'ghar

'When he saw her looking, he lifted a hand to his face and laid two fingers casually against his cheek.'

Just a quick lil portrait. Mostly done with traditional media, because somehow that works best for his hair? o.O

Jaqen H'ghar, A Song of Ice and Fire

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He is a fucking beauty, isn't he?
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I like what you did with the background. It always seemed like I was the only one who recognized the symbolism between his dyed hair and the uniform of the House of Black and White.
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I love the pose! Jaqen's one of my favorite GOT characters, there's not enough fanart for him
Ramsay-Bolton's avatar
Oh my, my hero...
kupieckorzenny's avatar
CwnAnnan's avatar
good work! :) I like how you did his face and haircolour <3
Isabelene's avatar
looks amazing! love it (:
TurtleSensei's avatar
looks so awesome! Jaqen is one of my most favorite characters! I really hope we see more of him in the 6th book!
IamnotAlyanna's avatar
This is just how I imagined him!
DeadendMephisto's avatar
I must admit, I had a crush on him
Albaharu's avatar
increible draw *_* i love it
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It's gorgeous! Love his hairs!
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This is Gorgeous! <3 Jaqen has the prettiest hand. I also really like how you coloured his skin and hand. Well done :)
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and by the second hand I mean hair. >_>
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