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James and Lily ...and Sirius

James & Lily's wedding. For the Fanart Challenge on of this month. The theme is 'wedding'.

I know, it's horribly unoriginal, but hey, I have an artistblock xD

Drawn & coloured in photoshop
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NarnianPrincess18's avatar
Fav! Just for Sirius
thats what i did at my friends wedding XD bahahahahahah good times....oh dear she seems to remember as well judging from the amused glare shes giving me while i type this ;D
MindlessArt456's avatar
i was like, "they look slightly evil/ mischievous..." and then i saw the bottom corner and i died laughing :D ahh, sirious, bringing sarcasm and joy to any occasion :heart: great work!
MindlessArt456's avatar
Sirius* don't worry, i can spell.
VampyreSakura27's avatar
A lovely picture... but the bottom corner steals my heart XD
frizzy-feline's avatar
the right bottom corner is the best part XD LOVE IT!
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
I love it =) Great job with the colors !
JasperLover1843's avatar
I really adore it!
Its so nicely done, and I think tha sirius part is very like him ;)
Good work!
11th-Memory's avatar
:D This is wonderful.
z-ex's avatar
Absolutely beautiful <3
carriebreathesbooks's avatar
Hahahahahaa!! Sirius!! Beautiful work!!
Aydyn's avatar
Lol! :) I know this is kinda old, but I'lol comment anyway:
I Love it! I also don't think it's unoriginal. :)

P.S. James looks like a slightly thinner and more atrractive version of Germaine from Flight of the Conchords
Remus-Chocolade's avatar
At least the part in the corner is a bit original.

And sometimes romantic beats originality!
coNstantine2530's avatar
I'll forget the fact that your James has brown hair, because they both look insanely lovely!!! And they kinna remind me of the way I draw them :P

LOL SIRIUS that so the kind of thing I did (I did? I still do!) to my parents! xD
fedora-blues's avatar
Aw, this is really nice. I like Lily's hairstyle. *3*
Tastes-Like-Fry's avatar
So sweet! I LOVE what James is wearing
Lolz @ Sirius
19SaRaH92's avatar
Wow deze is super leuk! :D
MoshiMoshi67's avatar
...aaaaaaaaaaaand Sirius.
Had to laugh when I saw this one. Nice job, those lines, they're so beautiful! Like the style, and love the corner right below ;)
Charisleia's avatar
Got to love Sirius ^^ And Lily looks pwetty =)
Subira's avatar
Beautiful. I like Lily's hair :)
lady-voldything's avatar
ilcjs's avatar
aw they look so cute! i really like the style of this as well *favourites*
IluvStewie's avatar
I love your signature! I love that video...:)
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