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So I was settling in on the new version of, and I noticed while I was rearranging my fanart thread I had only ever made one drawing of Fenrir Greyback. Which is unforgivable, because he is one of my favourite characters. Also, I don't like the old drawing anymore. >:[ So here's a new Fenny. Not tótally happy with it, but I think it's at least better than the old one. :D
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Oh god yes. So perfect. So, so perfect. Amazing. I love it.
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wow. Perfect.
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I love the use of dark space here... very appropriate for such a dark fellow ;)
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Woops, sorry! Hadn't checked my Dev Watch for ten years or so.

Love it! Greyback is one of those people you immediately have a good image of and you captured it very well. I like your technique and I'm very impressed with the bone structure of the face. And the colours of the background go wonderfully well with the brown shades. Well done!
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Your color skills are breathtaking!
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Amazingly scary!
I love how you drew him, it's exactly how I picture him.
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Very nice. By nice, I mean creepyscaryeatyourface. :]
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