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I rewatched Berserk in the last couple of days. It reminded me how awesome it is.

I've read the first couple of chapters of the manga, and I'm still not sure whether I'm gonna buy the books xD
I ttly love the story, but the gore and the hentai are sometimes just so overdone xD'' I can handle plenty of gore and a little hentai, but there is something called 'too much'. xD

Well anyway, Femto! I think Griffith is a great character, I can really relate to him; we share quite a few characteristics, and I'm not really sure if that's a good thing xD

Done in Tegaki. (ilu, opacity! <3)
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Ho ho ho ho ho hooooo.
This particular fan art made me happeh.
I think it's the best Femto fanart so far, as for as his face goes. mmmm. I bet you can tell that I'm just so anti-femto and griffith huh?
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I just finished the last 1/3 of this anime tonight...and ...well lets just say it's now dawn and I have yet to go to bed because my mind has been blown and I cannot sleep X___X

The last part of this anime was a lot to take in.... and everything that happened with Griffith was so messed up man!...It was heartbreaking to see what happened to him ...and then in the end, what he became...just wooooooow

Annnnnnnnnd....and now I have to find the fecking manga because the anime was left wide open and from what I heard there is A LOT more to the story....

BUT now what you mention of hentai has me worried to check out the manga :(

the anime pushed what I am able to stomach when it came to nude/sexual content... (I mean I know there was never any "detail" below the belt in the anime but I was still like "jfjhfdh why is some one is naked again!" lol)
So just how bad is it >_O
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The first time I read the manga I got sick to my stomach at some of the torture scenes. Now I've read the manga quite a few times and I've gotten used to it.
As for the nudity, it's not that you get to see fully detailed genitals, but they are slightly visible at times, usually a bit blurred by shadow. There are also a few sex and rape scenes, but they're all very short, like a few pictures or maybe 2 pages.
But the part where Casca gets raped is really long and just horrific, I'll never get used to that. >_<

Anyway, I wouldn't let the nudity/hentai keep you from reading the manga, because if you love the anime; the manga is SOOOOOO much better! And it goes on for ages! And it's not even finished yet! <3
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I heard it was not finished yet... which has me going D:
and I heard the author is really old and people are like saying he'd better not croak before it's finished...which also has me going D:

I guess I will try to track it down...I really want to know more! after the last ep of the anime I watched the first again (since it does pick up where the last ep left off) and I was sitting there going "we only got half the story, this leads into a a whole new story, why was the rest not animated!!!!" so now I have to read the rest...I hope I can find a paper copy and won't be stuck reading them online >_O I did that for Rurouni Kenshin (read online) and I swear I think my eyes began bleeding (not to mention I got all cramped up in this chair)
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Yeah that has me worried, and also the rate at which new chapters are coming out. Sometimes there's nothing for months. But the amazingly detailed drawings make up for it. You can really see how much the artist has grown in his abilities if you compare the first book to the most recent one.

And I forgot to add to my last message they're currently working on a new Berserk 'animated project': [link]
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wow definatly the best femto painting ive ever seen! wow still kinda wanna kick griffith in the nuts for what he did to the hawks tho!
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Griffith is and will always be a total douche in my eyess.....But beautiful picture!!!
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I really admire your will to make fanarts in the way only few people make them - only copying the originals. That way you are making some serious pieces of art.

This reminded me of the awesome Berserk and how Kentaro Miura is being lazy :(
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Thanks, that means a lot to me. <3

Inorite? I'm dying to know how the story continues. :cries:
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I love Berserk, but Griffith is the biggest bastard in all story of manga
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