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Ear today, gone tomorrow

'Myrcella was on the ground, wailing, shaking, her pale face in her hands, blood streaming through her fingers.'

Myrcella Baratheon, A Song of Ice and Fire.
Done in Photoshop.

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ShortLemonie3's avatar
Poor poor girl...
At least she didn't get poisoned in the arms of her father.
ShortLemonie3's avatar
Yeah you are right. Grrm has given her a kinder fate in the books (for now)
SilentSamurai96's avatar
I still don't understand why Darkstar tried to kill her?
lady-voldything's avatar
To provoke the Lannisters to send their armies to Dorne. Dorne is pretty good at beating the enemy on their own ground because of the territory and weather conditions, like when the Targaryens tried to conquer it but kept failing.
LadyMarinaKa-Fai's avatar
Poor Myrcella, this is so sad T-T but great drawing
wikigiuli's avatar
poor child

i like the expression you gave her, is really upset... very well done!
Tourne-Toujours's avatar
crazyashley's avatar
Of all the terrible things that have happened in this series, this is potentially the most senseless and sad.
Magic-Creator's avatar
can I please get a spoiler for this, I can't remember, what book this is? and what chapter?
lady-voldything's avatar
A Feast for Crows, chapter the Queenmaker (Arianne I). Here's a synopsis: [link]
Magic-Creator's avatar
than you so much :hug:
AnnaRDunster's avatar
That's ok, you didn't need that ear anyway
hellharlequin's avatar
good capturing of the facial expresion of disbelief and terror
I love those eyes...THOSE EYES D:
bijoyuna's avatar
This captures it all perfectly. That LOOKS like I think Myrcella should. It's perfect.
kethryn's avatar
Nooooo! Myrcella! :cries:
Miouwwww's avatar
very cool :) perfect expression and I like the contrast of ehr godlen hair and dark cloak/robe
celestearcher's avatar
I can't believe this would happen to Myrcella. She's such a lovely girl regardless of her bitchy mom. But still realistic. I love your depiction of her!
Albaharu's avatar
wow awesome draw *_* is the first time i saw this scene in a drawing *____*
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